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Civil liberties are God-given, inalienable and self-evident. Religious freedom predates civil government and the United States Constitution. The fight for religious freedom is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation. If we lose our religious freedom, then we have lost America to tyranny.

We lose our religious freedom for three primary reasons: Ignorance of the law; hostility toward religion; and apathy. Education is the best weapon against apathy and tyranny.

Litigation is an excellent form of education; one successful lawsuit can prevent the loss of civil liberties for many. Liberty Counsel can provide legal representation anywhere in the United States.

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Kim Davis and Rowan County Not Liable for Attorney’s Fees

Today, U.S. District Judge David Bunning ruled that neither Kim Davis nor Rowan County are liable for attorney’s fees over the marriage license issue that began in 2015. Judge Bunning did overrule the Magistrate’s Findings and...

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Indiana Schools Discriminate Against Christian Club

Liberty Counsel is presenting argument in federal court today to require an Indiana school district to grant Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) equal access to school facilities for the ministry’s Good News Clubs. The case,  Child...

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ECFA Admonishes GuideStar for SPLC “Hate Group” Label

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) recently sent a  letter  to GuideStar reprimanding them for their recent labeling of Liberty Counsel and certain other nonprofit organizations as “hate groups” at...

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Plaintiffs Seek to Punish Kim Davis

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, represented by Liberty Counsel, filed new Motions to Dismiss this week in the 2015 marriage license lawsuits  Ermold v. Davis  and  Yates v. Davis , which seek to punish Davis financially for...

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Army Personnel Object to “Transgender Training”

Liberty Counsel has issued a  letter  to Fort Benning Army Base commanding officers requesting them to comply with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction which provides Army personnel...

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NC Magistrates Win Religious Liberty

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals  handed North Carolina magistrates  a huge victory by ruling that the plaintiffs who opposed their religious liberty opt out of same-sex “marriage” lacked standing to challenge the law.

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