Liberty Counsel Cases

Liberty Counsel has had many victories. Highlighted below are a few examples of how we are restoring the culture.

Religious Freedom

Won a nationally publicized case against the ACLU where high school principal and athletic director in Santa Rosa County, Florida, were charged and tried as criminals for merely blessing a meal.

Filed the first private lawsuit against ObamaCare challenging the authority of Congress to pass this huge expansion of government that will limit freedom and fund abortion.

Successfully assisted scores of Christian after-school Good News Club cases in many states, resulting in thousands of children being able to hear the gospel and learn about character and morals in public schools.

Settled a lawsuit against a North Carolina state park policy that was used to threaten church members for witnessing.

Defended displays of the Ten Commandments in federal lawsuits filed by the ACLU in Florida and Kentucky.

Filed an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court securing the right of the World War II veterans to display a memorial cross in the Mojave Desert.

Won a significant federal court case against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano on behalf of the Great News Network for unlawful search and seizure of some "One Million Dollar" gospel tracts.

Won a case on behalf of a church, resulting in part of the Virginia constitution being held unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution, so that churches can incorporate and own an unlimited amount of property for first time since 1777.


Exposed ObamaCare (The "Affordable" Care Act) as unconstitutional and unacceptable because Congress lacks legal authority to force abortion through healthcare on individuals and businesses. Published a detailed outline of the proposed healthcare bills that fund abortion, ration healthcare, and limit freedom. This outline provided one of the main information sources that sparked a national outcry against government-run healthcare.

Led a federation of organizations representing over 30 million people united against abortion in the healthcare bill.

Successfully argued before U.S. Supreme Court, regarding rights of sidewalk counselors to peacefully present alternatives to abortion.

Filed two amicus briefs with U.S. Supreme Court in successful defense of the federal law banning partial-birth abortion.

Settled federal lawsuit against the state of Mississippi when more than enough certified voter signatures were secured to ensure that the pro-life Personhood Amendment would be included in a statewide ballot.


Defended marriage as the union of one man and one woman in more than 50 separate legal cases since 2004.

Settled a lawsuit against a New York school district and stopped the first homosexual and sexually deviant high school in America.

Took over and won a case on appeal where a Florida judge had ruled that sex and gender are in the mind, granting child custody to a transsexual.