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Why a Day of Purity?

“Whoever captures the kids owns the future . . . .”
–Patricia Neil Warren, Future Shock, The Advocate 80 (Oct. 3, 1995)

It’s pretty clear from what you read in the papers, see on television and hear in the classrooms what is capturing our kids is a message that sexual promiscuity and experimentation at an early age is healthy and normal. There is a concerted effort in the schools and media to turn our youth away from traditional values.

“The fear of the religious right is that the schools of today will be the governments of tomorrow. And you know, they are right. If we do our jobs right, we’re going to raise a generation of kids who don’t believe the claims of the religious right.”
--1999 GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network)

One freshman health text told students that “Testing your ability to function sexually and give pleasure to another person may be less threatening in your early teens with people of your own sex. . . . You may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents.” (emphasis added). A school survey in another district asked students what “caused” their heterosexuality, and whether they were heterosexual because they “feared” the same sex. PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) tells young students that “one or two sexual experiences with someone of the same sex may not mean you’re gay. . . . Your school years are a time of figuring out what works for you, and crushes and experimentation are often part of that.” In fact, the push to experiment at a young age has led to a nationwide phenomena among teen girls known as “bisexual chic” – declaring themselves bisexual for attention and because it’s cool. Experimenting with sexuality may be seen as “cool” but what’s not cool, and in fact, not even discussed, are the devastating consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage.

Each day in America 8,000 teens will be infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Two-thirds of the 10 million new cases of STDs this year will be among the 14-25 year old age group. Between 1994 and 1998 the rate of teenage girls contracting HIV rose by almost 117%. STDs are not the only issue. Over 1 million teenage girls will become pregnant this year, which is a 430% increase since 1960. As a result of those pregnancies, 20% of the 1.3 to 1.5 million abortions in America each year are performed on teenagers.

We live in a culture hostile to traditional values which has produced shocking statistics on the state of our youth. The question is what are you going to do about it? As youth, are you going to stand up and be heard for what you know is right? As parents, are you going to get involved and fight for curriculum that reinforces the values you teach at home? As lawmakers, are you going to support legislation that reinforces traditional values? As pastors, are you going to teach from the pulpit the importance of maintaining sexual purity? The Day of Purity is your chance to do something, to get involved, to restore our culture.

The Day of Purity is a day on which students can make a public demonstration of their commitment to remain sexually pure, in mind and actions. We recognize that there are hundreds of organizations throughout America dedicated to helping students maintain sexual purity. The Day of Purity complements those efforts. The Day of Purity is one day in the year that is set aside for all of those students across America who believe that youth should strive to remain sexually pure. February 14, 2007 will be the fourth annual Day of Purity for youth to make their voices heard. By selecting that day, we can encourage purity in dating relationships this Valentine’s Day.

We are encouraging youth to wear the Day of Purity t-shirt to make a public statement about their decision to remain sexually pure. For those who cannot get the t-shirt, we urge you to wear a plain white shirt that day. Another important aspect of the Day of Purity are the flyers we have designed for students to hand out to fellow students at school, during non-class time, that cover a variety of topics, including statistics on STDs and teen pregnancies (“STDs and Teen Pregnancy”), the importance of letting your voice be heard in opposition to the message of sexual promiscuity (“What is Real Maturity?”), information about the addictive nature of pornography (“Truth About Pornography”) and a letter that discusses the type of relationship you should be looking for (“The Love Letter”). These flyers should be handed out before and on the Day of Purity to gain awareness for the vital issues impacting the youth.

It is important to stress that the Day of Purity is not just for public school students. It is for private school students and home schooled students. It’s for parents, single adults and youth leaders. It’s for America. No matter how much we try to protect your kids from the message of sexual promiscuity, it reaches them. It’s in our churches, at our playgrounds, and on our televisions. We need to fill the airwaves with our message of sexual purity. For those who are homeschoolers, we encourage you to go to your local, state and federal leaders and encourage them to pass a proclamation or resolution supporting the Day of Purity. The web site for the Day of Purity,, contains samples for your use.

The message we want to send to you is not to be discouraged. There are hundreds of thousands of youth who have already made the commitment to remain sexually pure. When we all stand together we can make a difference. We can restore the culture, one person at a time.

Now is the time for you to stand up for sexual purity by participating in the Day of Purity.

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