June 13, 2013

Liberty Counsel Launches Hispanic Radio Show, Llamado de Libertad (audio clip)


Washington, D.C.—Liberty Counsel announces the launch of its new, 60-second, Hispanic radio program, Llamado de Libertad.

Hosted by Yuri Mantilla, Llamado de Libertad will follow the same format as Mat Staver’s Freedom’s Call with the goal to encourage, educate, and reach out to the Hispanic community.

Llamado de Libertad will be distributed via Amb-OS, or radio stations can download them via email links by contacting Charla Bansley at Media@LC.org.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our Spanish version of Freedom’s Call, Llamado de Libertad,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The Hispanic Community believes in the same values as does Liberty Counsel—sanctity of life, family, and religious freedom.”

“Llamado de Libertad fulfills a need in Hispanic broadcasting,” said Yuri Mantilla. “The Spanish community needs to know more about what is going on in our nation—the laws and issues that Liberty Counsel is advocating.”

Liberty Counsel is partnering with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference on a new Hispanic Initiative. “As the legislative and policy arm of the NHCLC, it is important that Liberty Counsel is  communicating with the Hispanic community,” said Staver. “Building our presence on Spanish-language radio stations is a step in that direction.”

Liberty Counsel is an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics.




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