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2004 (121)
Reflections On An Amazing Year
Dec 29, 2004

California Court Hears Second Day of Arguments on Constitutionality of Same-Sex Marriage
Dec 23, 2004

Get Ready for the Second Annual Day of Purity!
Dec 20, 2004

It Is My Joy to Share with You...
Dec 17, 2004

Christian Coalition Intervenes To Defend Georgia's Marriage Amendment
Dec 16, 2004

United States Supreme Court Announces Today That Ten Commandments Cases To Be Argued On March 2, 2005
Dec 15, 2004

Wisconsin High School's Eleventh-Hour Decision to Allow Students to DistributeChristmas Cards Averts Lawsuit
Dec 14, 2004

Liberty Counsel Files Brief in Federal Court Defending California's Marriage Laws and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act
Dec 10, 2004

Judge Issues Permanent Injunction Against All Officials of Village of New Paltz Ordering Them to Stop Illegally Solemnizing Same-Sex Unions
Dec 09, 2004

Liberty Counsel Files Brief With The United States Supreme Court In Kentucky Ten Commandments Case
Dec 08, 2004

Second New York Court Upholds State's Marriage Laws
Dec 07, 2004

The Battle Rages On: United States Supreme Court Declines To Address Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Dispute
Nov 29, 2004

Liberty Counsel Launches Second Annual "Friend or Foe" Christmas Campaign
Nov 22, 2004

ACLU Tries to Shut Down the Boy Scouts While Defending Juvenile Boys Who Want to Cavort Nude in a Public Park
Nov 19, 2004

The Fight for the Ten Commandments: What's at Stake?
Nov 17, 2004

Game Over: Liberty Counsel Files Brief Arguing Passage of Oregon Marriage Amendment Moots Challenge to Marriage Laws
Nov 16, 2004

Pro-Family Organizations File Brief Defending Constitutionality of California Marriage Laws
Nov 15, 2004

Falwell Launches Faith and Values Coalition.
Nov 09, 2004

Christians And Social Conservatives Call For Arlen Specter To Be Removed From Judiciary Committee As He May Compromise Election Mandate On Moral Values
Nov 05, 2004

Election Sweep Brings Marriage And Morals Mandate
Nov 03, 2004

The Battle for America's Soul: Pastors Take
Oct 29, 2004

School District Sued After Denying Fourth Grader The Right To Distribute Religious Literature
Oct 28, 2004

Florida Town Settles Lawsuit And Will Have to Revote On Town Charter Following Attempt To Sneak "Sexual Orientation" Amendment On The Ballot
Oct 27, 2004

New York Court Upholds Marriage Laws
Oct 25, 2004

Liberty Counsel Files Motion to Intervene in California Federal Court to Preserve Traditional Marriage
Oct 22, 2004

Victory for Teachers in the Public Schools
Oct 21, 2004

Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief in Case Involving Government Officials, ACLU, and Activist Judge Who Acted Collusively to Undermine Traditional Marriage
Oct 15, 2004

San Francisco Judge Grants Campaign For California Families Full Party Status To Defend California Marriage Laws
Oct 15, 2004

Focus on the Family Settles Lawsuit Allowing it to AdvertisePro-Family Conference on Bus Shelters
Oct 13, 2004

Blockbuster Church/State Case of the Year
Oct 12, 2004

U.S. Supreme Court May Decide To Hear Ten Commandments Case:
Oct 08, 2004

Breaking Through Religious Discrimination Barriers: One Case at a Time
Oct 06, 2004

Falwell Confidential
Oct 01, 2004

House Set To Take Historic Vote On Marriage Protection Amendment
Sep 29, 2004

Pastors to Learn the Truth About Political Activity in Churches
Sep 24, 2004

Following Lawsuit Regarding a Pro-Life Sign, Town Revokes Policy Which Banned All Signs From Public Sidewalks
Sep 23, 2004

Protect Marriage Sunday National Tele/Simulcast Designed To Activate Millions Of Americans To Support A Federal Marriage Amendment
Sep 15, 2004

No Prayer in Public Schools? Tomorrow, Millions of Students Will Gather to Pray at "See You At The Pole" Rallies
Sep 14, 2004

Pastors and Churches May Actively Support the Federal Marriage Amendment And State Constitutional Initiatives Designed To Preserve Traditional Marriage
Sep 13, 2004

Child Evangelism Fellowship Settles Lawsuit Over Policy That Required The Religious After-School Club To Pay An Access Fee
Sep 10, 2004

California State Judge Tramples Rights of Californians and Upholds California Law that Mimics Traditional Marriage
Sep 08, 2004

Three Big Religious Freedom Victories
Sep 07, 2004

Federal Appeals Court Rules That Public School Teacher May Participate In A Christian After-School Good News Club For Elementary Students
Sep 03, 2004

Pastors, Churches, and Politics
Sep 02, 2004

Florida Supreme Court Rules That Florida's Religious Freedom Restoration Act Expands Protection For Religious Freedom
Sep 02, 2004

Pro-Life Groups Granted Intervention To Defend Arkansas "Choose Life" License Plates
Sep 01, 2004

Court Rules That The State Cannot Force A Pastor To Violate Clergy Confidentiality
Aug 31, 2004

Federal Judge Strikes Down Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act
Aug 26, 2004

Child Evangelism Fellowship Files Temporary Restraining Order Against School That Contends State Law Requires It To Discriminate Against Religious Groups
Aug 25, 2004

California Judge Hears Arguments in Liberty Counsel's Challenge to California's Domestic Partnership Law
Aug 24, 2004

Law School Vision Becomes Reality Today
Aug 23, 2004

Child Evangelism Fellowship Breaks Through Religious Discrimination Barriers
Aug 20, 2004

Court Upholds Federal Defense of Marriage Act Which Defines Marriage as Union of One Man and One Woman
Aug 19, 2004

Liberty Counsel Office Reopens After Hurricane Charley
Aug 17, 2004

In the Eye of the Store - An Eyewitness Account
Aug 16, 2004

San Francisco Mayor Permanently Ordered to Stop Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
Aug 12, 2004

County Clerk, Business Owners And Churches File Seven Lawsuits In Florida Seeking Declaration That Florida's Marriage Laws Are Constitutional
Aug 05, 2004

A Washington State Trial Court's Ruling In Favor of Same-Sex Marriage Underscores Why We Need A Federal Marriage Amendment
Aug 04, 2004

Child Evangelism Fellowship Seeks Court Order To Eliminate Discriminatory Fee Barrier To School Facilities
Aug 03, 2004

The American Psychological Association Resolution On Same-Sex Marriage And Parenting Is A Blatant Example Of Politics Taking Priority Over Objective Studies
Jul 29, 2004

The Marriage Protection Act is Not a Substitute for the Federal Marriage Amendment
Jul 23, 2004

Florida Court Holds There Is No Right To Transsexual Marriage
Jul 23, 2004

Liberty Counsel Intervenes In Florida To Defend The Federal And State Defense Of Marriage Acts In A Suit Brought By Couple Who Obtained A Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage License
Jul 22, 2004

Federal Appeals Court Refuses To Reverse Its Earlier Decision That Upholds Florida's Ban on Same-Sex Adoption
Jul 22, 2004

Pro-Life Women's Group Settles Lawsuit And Will Now Have Access To County Community Room For Pro-Life Meeting
Jul 21, 2004

Pastors Should Use A Megaphone Rather Than A Muzzle When It Comes To Political And Moral Issues
Jul 20, 2004

The Battle to Preserve Marriage Has Only Just Begun
Jul 14, 2004

The Senate Vote is Over, But There's Much Work to Be Done
Jul 14, 2004

Your Calls are Impacting the Federal Marriage Amendment Vote
Jul 13, 2004

San Francisco Same-Sex Couple Who Received "Marriage License" From Mayor is Already Seeking a "Divorce"
Jul 12, 2004

Churches and Houses of Worship May Support the Federal Marriage Amendment Without Jeopardizing Their Tax-Exempt Status
Jul 07, 2004

Liberty Counsel Intervenes to Defend Arkansas Choose Life License Plates
Jul 06, 2004

Liberty Counsel Officially Opens Branch Office and the Center for Constitutional Litigation and Policy in Lynchburg
Jul 01, 2004

Colorado Court Vacates (For Now) Trial Court Order That Prohibits A Mother From Exposing Her Child To "Homophobic" Religious Upbringing Or Training
Jul 01, 2004

Liberty Counsel, County Clerk, Church and Businesses Intervene in Lawsuit to Defend Traditional Marriage in Florida
Jun 29, 2004

Federal Appeals Court Declines To Issue Order Stopping Same-Sex Marriage In Massachusetts
Jun 29, 2004

Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against All Officials of Village of New Paltz Ordering them to Stop Illegally Solemnizing Same-Sex Unions
Jun 24, 2004

Marriage Protection Sunday and Call Your Senator Day
Jun 23, 2004

Three Kentucky Counties Ask Supreme Court to Hear Case Involving Display of the Ten Commandments
Jun 22, 2004

Liberty Counsel Joins Diverse Coalition Urging the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to Uphold the Religious Land Use Law
Jun 16, 2004

Good News Club Seeks Court Order To Eliminate Discriminatory Fee Barrier To School Facilities
Jun 15, 2004

Federal Appeals Court Considers Whether School District May Bar Teacher From After-School Christian Club
Jun 14, 2004

A Unanimous Supreme Court Vacates Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Decision Striking Down "Under God" In The Pledge Of Allegiance
Jun 14, 2004

Ronald Reagan: A Godly Man Who Made A Difference
Jun 11, 2004

High School Backs Away from Attempts to Censor Graduation Speech About Faith In God
Jun 07, 2004

Liberty Counsel Wins Equal Access for Good News Club
Jun 04, 2004

Law, Liberty and Litigation Roundtable
Jun 03, 2004

Court of Appeals Schedules Oral Argument Today in Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Case
May 25, 2004

Liberty Counsel Files Brief in Federal Court of Appeals Urging the Court to Halt Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts
May 21, 2004

An Overview of the Massachusetts Federal Court Rulings and the Next Legal and Political Steps
May 17, 2004

Court of Appeals Declines to Issue Emergency Order Stopping Same-Sex Marriage In Massachusetts
May 14, 2004

Supreme Court Declines to Issue Emergency Order Stopping Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts
May 14, 2004

First Circuit Court of Appeals Will Hear Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Case
May 13, 2004

Massachusetts Legislators Join Liberty Counsel Lawsuit to Stop Same-Sex Marriage
May 12, 2004

Federal Judge Will Rule Soon on Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Case
May 12, 2004

Federal Court Sets Hearing in Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Case
May 11, 2004

Liberty Counsel Files Federal Lawsuit to Stop Same-Sex Marriages in Massachusetts
May 10, 2004

Judge Dismisses Case Against Jews For Jesus
May 05, 2004

How You Can Protect Traditional Marriage
May 04, 2004

New York Court Denies Request By New Paltz Mayor Jason West To Dismiss Liberty Counsel's Lawsuit Against Him For Solemnizing Same-Sex "Marriages"
Apr 28, 2004

Let Freedom Ring - On the National Day of Prayer
Apr 27, 2004

Liberty Counsel Kicks Off Its "Friend or Foe Graduation Campaign"
Apr 22, 2004

Petition Filed to Stay Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Decision
Apr 20, 2004

Diverse Christian and Jewish Organizations Join Forces to Defend Federal Law Protecting Houses of Worship in Zoning Discrimination
Apr 19, 2004

Pro-Marriage Group, Legislators and Business Owner Intervene to Defend Against Three Separate Same-Sex Lawsuits in New York
Apr 16, 2004

Liberty University School of Law Rapidly Advancing
Apr 14, 2004

What Will You Do On the Day of Silence?
Apr 12, 2004

U.S. Senate Must Act Now on Federal Marriage Amendment
Apr 07, 2004

West Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking to Establish Same-Sex Marriage
Apr 02, 2004

Read the Testimony of the Partial Birth Abortion Hearings
Apr 01, 2004

School Sued After Prohibiting Student From Distributing Religious and Pro-Life Literature on the "Day of Remembrance"
Mar 30, 2004

Pre-Suit, Behind the Scenes "Deal" Between the ACLU and the Oregon Attorney General Fast Tracks Same-Sex Marriage Case and Freezes Out Legislators
Mar 29, 2004

Legislators in Oregon and West Virginia Intervene in Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuits to Protect Traditional Marriage
Mar 26, 2004

The Fate of “Under God” in The Pledge of Allegiance Hangs in the Balance Today
Mar 24, 2004

New York Appeals Court Reject's Appeal Filed By New Paltz Mayor Jason West - Court Order Barring Mayor From Solemnizing Same-Sex Marriages Remains In Place
Mar 18, 2004

Town Settles Lawsuit Over Zoning Code That Prohibited Churches On Less Than Five Acres of Property In Every Zoning District Within the Town
Mar 18, 2004

Officials in Washington and Oregon Face Lawsuits to Block Same-Sex Marriages
Mar 11, 2004

California Supreme Court Blocks San Francisco Mayor From Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
Mar 11, 2004

Liberty Counsel Applauds President Bush For Supporting A Constitutional Amendment To Preserve Marriage Between One Man And One Woman
Feb 24, 2004

Emergency Hearing Scheduled Next Tuesday To Stop San Francisco From Issuing More Same-Sex "Marriage Licenses"
Feb 13, 2004

The Liberator - 2003
Jan 01, 2004

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