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2005 (162)
Christmas Campaign Culminates a Year of Advances
Dec 29, 2005

Advancing the Mission through Litigation
Dec 27, 2005

Christmas Wars Continue in Public Schools
Dec 23, 2005

Ten Commandments Display Upheld by Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Dec 20, 2005

Seniors Will Celebrate Christmas After Liberty Counsel Intervenes
Dec 16, 2005

Christmas According to Marx and Lenin, by Ronald Reagan
Dec 15, 2005

School Dumps "Cold in the Night" and Returns to "Silent Night"
Dec 14, 2005

Christmas "Grinches" Are On The Run
Dec 13, 2005

Housing Authorities Tell Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities "No Christmas this Year"
Dec 13, 2005

Wellington Unanimously Accepts Liberty Counsel's Recommendation to Display Nativity
Dec 13, 2005

Court Dismisses Frivolous Defamation Lawsuit (for the third time) Against Jews for Jesus and Orders Plaintiff and Her Attorney to Pay Attorney's Fees and Costs
Dec 12, 2005

New York Appeals Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage
Dec 09, 2005

Christmas Themes Once Banned From Student Door Decorating Competition Will Now Be Allowed
Dec 09, 2005

Florida Cities Agree to Allow Nativity Scene Following Lawsuit
Dec 08, 2005

School Changes "Silent Night" to "Cold in the Night" and Secularizes the Lyrics
Dec 07, 2005

Liberty Counsel Files Suit Over Banned Nativity Scene
Dec 06, 2005

Wisconsin School Policy Bans Religious Themes in any Song During Christmas Holiday
Dec 05, 2005

Christmas Tree Debate Erupts at Auburn University
Dec 05, 2005

Parents Ask Ninth Circuit to Rehear Sex Survey Case
Nov 29, 2005

Chief Justice Roberts to Hear First Abortion Case on Wednesday
Nov 28, 2005

Boston Concedes that "Holiday Tree" is a Christmas Tree
Nov 23, 2005

Mat Staver to be Guest on Hannity and Colmes Tonight
Nov 22, 2005

Liberty Counsel Defends Stigler, Oklahoma, Ten Commandments Monument
Nov 18, 2005

U.S. House Passes Resolution Urging Ninth Circuit to Rehear Sex Survey Case
Nov 17, 2005

Alito's Personal Views on Abortion Considered Mainstream by Most Americans1985 Memo States that Alito Opposes Abortion
Nov 15, 2005

Ohio Library Settles Lawsuit Over Policy Which Banned "Controversial" Religious Speech
Nov 14, 2005

Kentucky Counties Vote to Take Ten Commandments Case to Trial
Nov 10, 2005

Hillsborough County School Board Restores Religious Holidays Liberty Counsel provides legal memo regarding Christmas holidays
Nov 09, 2005

Mathew Staver on The Fox Report with Shepard Smith
Nov 08, 2005

California Parents Will Ask for Rehearing of Ninth Circuit Court's Ruling on Outrageous Sex Questionnaire Given to First Through Third Grade Children
Nov 07, 2005

Christian Ministry Asks Court to Hold Florida Property Appraiser in Contempt for Refusing to Abide by Court Order
Nov 04, 2005

Dr. Jerry Falwell Urges Thousands of Churches to Join Liberty Counsel's "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign"
Nov 03, 2005

A Call for Fair and Expedited Hearings on the Nomination of Judge Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court
Nov 02, 2005

Liberty Counsel Praises Bush's Selection of Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court
Oct 31, 2005

New York Appeals Court Rules That New Paltz Mayor May Not Solemnize Same-Sex Marriage
Oct 28, 2005

Liberty Counsel Applauds the Withdrawal of Harriet Miers
Oct 27, 2005

Federal Appeals Court Rules That Kindergarten Student's Case May Proceed To Trial Over Censorship Of An Art Poster That Contained A Picture Of Jesus
Oct 19, 2005

Conservative Legal and Educator Groups Launch Joint Christmas Project
Oct 17, 2005

Federal "Hate Crimes" Bill Threatens Religious Freedom
Oct 12, 2005

Liberty Counsel Does Not Support Bush's Selection For Supreme Court
Oct 11, 2005

Abortion Proponent Dismisses Challenge to Arkansas's "Choose Life" License Plate
Oct 07, 2005

Federal Court Throws Out NARAL'S Suit Against Ohio's "Choose Life" License Plates
Oct 06, 2005

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments Today Regarding Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law
Oct 05, 2005

Federal Court of Appeals Hears Arguments of a Woman Who Was Booted From a Bus Because She Handed Out the Bible
Sep 29, 2005

Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Goes To The Florida Supreme Court
Sep 21, 2005

Liberty Counsel Settles Dispute With Colorado Library That Rejected Its Application To Use Community Room
Sep 15, 2005

Conflicting Rulings on Vermont Same-Sex Union Case Argued Today At The Virginia Court of Appeals
Sep 14, 2005

San Francisco Federal Court Strikes Down Pledge of Allegiance
Sep 14, 2005

New York Appellate Division To Hear Second Same-Sex Marriage Case Today
Sep 13, 2005

Liberty Counsel Argues Same-Sex Marriage Case Today Before New York Appeals Court
Sep 12, 2005

Displaying The American Flag Comes Under Fire
Sep 08, 2005

Mat Staver to Appear on Dr. Phil Today and VT SCt to Hear Argument Tomorrow
Sep 06, 2005

Ohio Library Sued For Requiring Opposing Viewpoints On "Controversial" Speech In Its Community Room
Aug 30, 2005

Pastor Rick Warren Recommends Eternal Vigilance To Pastors -- With A Five Star Rating
Aug 26, 2005

Mathew Staver on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews Tonight
Aug 23, 2005

California Supreme Court Rules That Children Can Have Two Lesbian Moms
Aug 22, 2005

Federal Court To Hear Good News Club Case Tomorrow
Aug 18, 2005

Sacramento Superior Court Issues Order Finding the Summary Prepared by Attorney General for Marriage Amendment is Misleading
Aug 18, 2005

California Marriage Amendment Hearing Set For Tomorrow
Aug 17, 2005

Mat Staver to be a Guest on The O'Reilly Factor
Aug 16, 2005

Montana News Association And Liberty Counsel Collaborate To Stream Law & Justice Weekly Television Program
Aug 15, 2005

Vermont And Virginia Appeals Courts Set To Hear Conflicting Rulings Regarding Same-Sex Unions
Aug 12, 2005

California Supreme Court Will Not Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases -- For Now
Aug 11, 2005

Conservative Book Club Calls Eternal Vigilance The "Most Powerful And Most Comprehensive Handbook Ever Written... On Religious Freedom"
Aug 10, 2005

Liberty Counsel Files Brief in Supreme Court Abortion Case That Could Halt Most Legal Challenges Against Pro-Life Legislation
Aug 08, 2005 Files Suit Demanding that the California Attorney General Amend the Inaccurate and Prejudicial Ballot Title and Summary
Aug 02, 2005

ACLU Will Not Ask Supreme Court To Hear Ten Commandments Case With An Identical Display to the Kentucky Ten Commandments Case
Jul 27, 2005

A Call for Fair and Expedited Hearings on the Nomination of Judge Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court
Jul 22, 2005

IRS Dismisses Complaint Regarding Dr. Jerry Falwell's Personal Political Endorsement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Jul 19, 2005

Federal Election Commission Dismisses Complaint Against Jerry Falwell Ministries and Liberty Alliance
Jul 18, 2005

Florida Court Grants The Holy Land Experience Tax-Exempt Status
Jul 11, 2005

California School Repeals Policy That Forced Good News Clubs To Stop Meeting
Jul 07, 2005

Freedom Is Not Free
Jul 05, 2005

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Retires
Jul 01, 2005

Vermont Family-Owned Inn Faces Discrimination Charge Over Same-Sex Civil Union Ceremony
Jun 30, 2005

Moving Forward Following the Ten Commandments Cases
Jun 29, 2005

Montgomery County School Board Settles Homosexual Sex-Ed Curriculum Lawsuit
Jun 28, 2005

Supreme Court Issues Split Decisions Regarding The Ten Commandments
Jun 27, 2005

California School That Developed Policy To Eliminate Christian Clubs Reverses Course And Settles Lawsuit
Jun 24, 2005

Ten Commandments Decision Coming Next Week
Jun 23, 2005

Maryland Federal Court Upholds Ten Commandments
Jun 22, 2005

Visitation Restrictions May Take Into Account a Parent's Sexual Conduct
Jun 21, 2005

Mathew Staver Announces The Release Of His Tenth Book
Jun 20, 2005

Liberty Counsel Sues Library For Rejecting Its Application To Use Community Room For Religious Meeting
Jun 16, 2005

California Federal Court Upholds Federal DOMA'S Definition of Marriage
Jun 16, 2005

Distribution of Pro-Life Flyers In Public School Argued In Federal Court
Jun 15, 2005

Liberty Counsel Asks The Supreme Court To Clarify When A Person May File A Free Speech Claim In Federal Court
Jun 14, 2005

New Jersey Appellate Court Upholds Traditional Definition Of Marriage
Jun 14, 2005

Transsexual "Marriage" Case Ends With Florida Mother Getting Back Her Children
Jun 13, 2005

Ten Commandments Case Still Pending Before The Supreme Court
Jun 13, 2005

Pro-Marriage Groups Intervene to Defend Marriage Before New York Appellate Division
Jun 08, 2005

Supreme Court On The Verge Of Handing Down Historic Ten Commandments Ruling
Jun 07, 2005

Child Evangelism Fellowship Files Suit To Eliminate Discriminatory Fees Charged To Good News Club For Use Of School Facilities
Jun 06, 2005

Supreme Court Upholds Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act
May 31, 2005

Liberty Counsel Files Motion To Intervene To Defend Ohio "Choose Life" License Plates
May 25, 2005

Valedictorian Permitted To Give Credit To Jesus During Graduation Speech
May 24, 2005

Montgomery Cty School Bd Votes to Scrap Controversial Sex Ed Curriculum
May 24, 2005

Florida Dismisses Prosecution Of A Non-Ordained Counselor After Concluding She Is Protected By The Clergy Communications Privilege
May 19, 2005

Liberty Counsel Launches Its Annual "Friend or Foe Graduation Campaign"
May 18, 2005

U.S. Supreme Court Accepts Second Post-Argument Brief In Kentucky Ten Commandments Case
May 17, 2005

Eleven Out Of Eleven Judges Surveyed Agree That The Ten Commandments Are OK
May 16, 2005

Maryland School District Agrees To Extend Restraining Order Against Controversial Sex-Ed Curriculum
May 13, 2005

Good News Club Seeks Court Order To Eliminate Discriminatory Facility Access Fees
May 12, 2005

Federal Court Strikes Down Nebraska's Marriage AmendmentThis Decision Will Ignite the Movement to Pass the Federal Marriage Amendment
May 12, 2005

Liberty Counsel Files Brief In The Supreme Court Opposing The Use Of Federally Controlled Substances Under Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law
May 09, 2005

The Most Significant Curriculum Decision Ever Rendered
May 06, 2005

Federal Judge Grants Liberty Counsel's Request to Prohibit Implementation of Controversial Sex-Ed Curriculum in Montgomery County, Maryland
May 05, 2005

An Exciting Opportunity to Impact the Future of America
Apr 13, 2005

Mat Staver to Appear on Dr. Phil
Apr 12, 2005

Liberty Counsel Files Briefs Before California Supreme Court Defending The Right Of A Biological Parent To Have Custody Of Her Children In Former Same-Sex Partner Dispute
Apr 08, 2005

Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Dismiss Seven of Eight Cases Filed in Florida
Apr 07, 2005

Court Dismisses For the Second Time Defamation Claims Against Jews for Jesus and May Impose Sanctions For Frivolous Lawsuit
Apr 05, 2005

Help Stop the Judicial Filibusters
Apr 05, 2005

U.S.Supreme Court Accepts Post-Argument Supplemental Brief In Kentucky TenCommandments Case
Apr 04, 2005

California Appeals Court Rules That Domestic Partnership Law Does Not Violate Proposition 22 Marriage Initiative
Apr 04, 2005

Connecticut Judge Rules Massachusetts Marriage Is Null And Void In Connecticut
Apr 01, 2005

New York's High Court Declines To Take Up Same-Sex Marriage Cases And Returns Them To The Appellate Courts
Apr 01, 2005

Supreme Court Ruling In Ten Commandments Cases Expected In June
Mar 23, 2005

U.S. Congress Passes Bill To Move Terri Schiavo's Case To Federal Court
Mar 21, 2005

Judge George Greer Refuses to Honor Subpoenas Issued by the U.S. Congress and Orders Terri Schiavo's Feeding Tube Removed
Mar 18, 2005

The Hour Glass is Thinning on Terri Schiavo's Life
Mar 17, 2005

Florida Legislators Move Forward To Save Terri Schiavo's Life
Mar 15, 2005

San Francisco Judge Rules Marriage Laws Unconstitutional
Mar 14, 2005

Concerned Citizens and Legislators Battle To Save Terri Schiavo's Life
Mar 10, 2005

Florida Supreme Court Rejects Appeal In Transsexual Marriage Case
Mar 08, 2005

Supreme Court Arguments in Review
Mar 07, 2005

The Ten Commandments Are A Universally Recognized Symbol Of Law Particularly Appropriate To Display In A Courthouse
Mar 02, 2005

Tomorrow The United States Supreme Court Will Hear Oral Arguments On The Ten Commandments
Mar 01, 2005

Only Two More Days Before Oral Arguments In Our Ten Commandments Case
Feb 28, 2005

Acknowledgment of Religion Is Not Establishment of Religion
Feb 25, 2005

Only Six Days Left Before Oral Arguments In Our Ten Commandments Case
Feb 24, 2005

Exactly One Week Before Oral Arguments In Our Ten Commandments Case
Feb 23, 2005

Liberty Counsel Files Reply Brief Today With United States Supreme Court In Ten Commandments Case
Feb 22, 2005

Only Nine Days Until the Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Our Ten Commandments Case
Feb 21, 2005

Churches Declare "Ten Commandments Sunday"
Feb 18, 2005

All Religious References In Government Buildings Are At Risk
Feb 17, 2005

McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky Exactly Two Weeks Before Oral Arguments
Feb 16, 2005

Ten Commandments Case Update
Feb 15, 2005

Diverse Florida Coalition Launches Marriage Amendment on Valentine's Day
Feb 14, 2005

Oral Argument "Boot Camp" Will Be Held Today in Ten Commandments Case
Feb 11, 2005

Ohio Governor Bob Taft Proclaims February 14, 2005, as the Day of Purity
Feb 10, 2005

Exactly Three Weeks Until Oral Arguments in Our Ten Commandments Case
Feb 09, 2005

Only 22 Days Left Before Our Ten Commandments Case Is Heard By the United States Supreme Court
Feb 08, 2005

The Countdown Is On: Only 23 Days Until Oral Arguments In The Ten Commandments Case
Feb 07, 2005

New York Judge Holds Marriage Law Unconstitutional Despite Three Previous State Court Opinions Upholding the Laws
Feb 04, 2005

Criminal Charges are Reinstated Against New Paltz Mayor Jason West for Illegally Solemnizing Same-Sex Unions
Feb 03, 2005

Another Victory for Student Rights: School Officials Settle Case With Student After Prohibiting Her From Distributing Invitations to After-School Church Event
Feb 02, 2005

Nearly 30% of 13 to 16 Year Olds are Sexually Active - On Valentine's Day Youth Around the World Will Make a Public Stand for Sexual Purity on the Day of Purity
Feb 01, 2005

Challenges to State Marriage Laws and Federal DOMA Continue in California
Jan 28, 2005

As This Historic Day Approaches...
Jan 27, 2005

Florida Same-Sex Marriage Proponents Abandon Challenges To Federal Defense Of Marriage Act
Jan 25, 2005

United States Supreme Court Refuses to Decide Constitutionality of "Choose Life" License Plates
Jan 24, 2005

Prayer Can Move Mountains -- Become A "Defend the Ten" Prayer Partner
Jan 21, 2005

Tomorrow Marks Thirty-Two Year Anniversary of Roe v. Wade:'Jane Roe' Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Decision
Jan 21, 2005

Indiana Appeals Court Upholds State DOMA and Protects Marriage
Jan 20, 2005

Supreme Court Rejects Michael Newdow's Challenge to Inaugural Prayer
Jan 19, 2005

Federal Court Upholds the Federal Defense of Marriage Act and Rejects Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage in Florida
Jan 19, 2005

Mat Staver to Appear on The O'Reilly Factor Tonight
Jan 11, 2005

United States Supreme Court Refuses to Consider Constitutionality of Florida's Ban on Same-Sex Adoption
Jan 10, 2005

Court Rules that Ten Commandments Monument Is Constitutional
Jan 06, 2005

City of Aberdeen Backs Down From Censoring an Announcement on a Public Reader Board Regarding the Private Showing of the "Jesus" Film
Jan 05, 2005

Virginia and Vermont Courts Collide Over Child Custody Battle Arising From a Vermont Civil Union
Jan 03, 2005

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