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2006 (154)
Today Only -- Special Book Offer
Dec 31, 2006

Midnight December 31 is Your Final Chance to Make A Tax-Deductible Contribution for 2006
Dec 30, 2006

Christmas Campaign Culminates a Year of Advances
Dec 29, 2006

It's Not Too Late to Make a Difference!
Dec 27, 2006

Advancing Religious Freedom, the Sanctity of Life and the Traditional Family in 2006 and Beyond
Dec 26, 2006

Christmas Tree and Menorah Welcomed, But Nativity Banned By State of Washington
Dec 22, 2006

Cross Will Return To Wren Chapel At College Of William & Mary
Dec 21, 2006

California Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case
Dec 20, 2006

Another Orlando Senior Facility Stops Censoring Christmas
Dec 20, 2006

Senior Center Reverses Itself and Allows Angel Back On Top Of Christmas Tree
Dec 19, 2006

Appeals Court Strikes Discriminatory Policy Excluding "Good News Club" From School
Dec 18, 2006

Christmas According to Marx and Lenin and Other Censors
Dec 15, 2006

Senior Housing Facility Orders Wings Cut from Angel on Christmas Tree
Dec 14, 2006

'Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas, And All Through The Land...
Dec 13, 2006

The Christmas Spirit Returns to Seattle Airport
Dec 12, 2006

City Agrees To Settle - Church Approved For Downtown Facility
Dec 08, 2006

Liberty Counsel Urges California Supreme Court To Deny Review of Same-Sex Marriage Decision
Dec 06, 2006

Liberty Counsel Asks College To Return Cross From Closet To Chapel
Dec 05, 2006

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Sex Survey Case
Dec 04, 2006

Anti-Christmas Chill Blows In Windy City As Chicago Bans The Nativity Story
Nov 30, 2006

The War Against Christmas Rages In Schools and Public Places
Nov 29, 2006

Naughty And Nice List Grows As Part of Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign
Nov 27, 2006

Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign is Making Headway
Nov 20, 2006

Contact Wal-Mart at 1-800-WAL-MART
Nov 15, 2006

You Can Help Save Christmas in Berkley, Michigan
Nov 14, 2006

Good News Clubs Gain Equal Access to Public Schools
Nov 10, 2006

An Important Battle is Won in the War on Christmas
Nov 09, 2006

Supreme Court Hears Intense Partial-Birth Abortion Argument
Nov 08, 2006

U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Important Abortion Case
Nov 06, 2006

Persistence Pays Off - Auburn University Will Light a "Christmas Tree" This Year
Nov 03, 2006

Florida Supreme Court Rejects Wiccan Tax Challenge
Oct 27, 2006

New Jersey Supreme Court Orders Legislature To Give Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples
Oct 25, 2006

Town Allows Christmas Decor After Pressure from Residents and Liberty Counsel
Oct 23, 2006

Report A "Grinch"
Oct 20, 2006

Virginia Employee Fired for Supporting Marriage Amendment
Oct 20, 2006

Federal Court Asked to Stop City from Enforcing Church-Free Zone
Oct 16, 2006

Thousands of Churches, Organizations and Individuals Unite to "Help Save Christmas"
Oct 11, 2006

Traditional Marriage Supporters Win Another Victory!
Oct 10, 2006

Traditional Marriage is Victorious in California Appeals Court
Oct 05, 2006

Changing the Culture -- One Event At A Time
Oct 02, 2006

U.S. House to Vote on Public Expression of Religion Act Today
Sep 26, 2006

U.S. House Passes Public Expression of Religion Act by a 244 to 173 Vote
Sep 26, 2006

No Prayer in School? Millions of Students Will Pray at "See You At The Pole" Gatherings
Sep 25, 2006

ACLU Ends Legal Challenge Against Ohio "Choose Life" License Plate
Sep 20, 2006

Missouri School Appeals Judge's Decision Barring the Distribution of Bibles
Sep 13, 2006

House Judiciary Committee Passes Public Expression of Religion Act
Sep 11, 2006

U.S. Court of Appeals Refuses to Set Aside Ruling that Upheld Nebraska's Marriage Amendment
Sep 08, 2006

Federal Appeals Court Hears Argument Regarding Prayer Before Indiana General Assembly
Sep 07, 2006

Virginia Court Hears Arguments Today in Case Challenging "Sexual Orientation" Law
Sep 06, 2006

Pro-Family Organizations Defend Marriage in Maryland
Sep 05, 2006

Pastors and Churches Make a Difference in Marriage Initiatives and Political Campaigns
Aug 31, 2006

Parents Ask Supreme Court To Review Ninth Circuit Sex Survey Case
Aug 29, 2006

Antireligious School Board Policy Stricken by Federal Court of Appeals
Aug 28, 2006

FDA's Approval of Over-the-Counter Pill Endangers Women
Aug 25, 2006

Appeals Court to Hear Case About School District Discrimination Against Christian Club
Aug 24, 2006

Emergency Order Closes Florida Abortion Clinics and Suspends Doctor's License
Aug 18, 2006

School District Reverses Policy Banning Religious Literature
Aug 09, 2006

School Board Fires Teacher Over Inappropriate Sex-Ed Class
Aug 08, 2006

Vermont Supreme Court Ruling Begins Showdown Between States Over Same-Sex Unions
Aug 04, 2006

Liberty Counsel, Nurse and Doctors Ask Supreme Court to Ban Partial-Birth Abortion
Aug 03, 2006

Mat Staver to Testify Today Before Congress In Support of Bill Protecting Public Expressions of Religion
Aug 02, 2006

Liberty Counsel Defends School District and Gideons Against ACLU Lawsuit
Aug 01, 2006

Men Of Destiny Ministries Goes To Trial Today
Jul 26, 2006

Washington Supreme Court Upholds Traditional Marriage Law
Jul 26, 2006

Liberty Counsel Files Suit Challenging City's "Church-Free" Zoning Ordinance
Jul 25, 2006

Alaska Churches Intervene to Defend Challenges Against Tax Exemption
Jul 24, 2006

Stem Cell Research and Expected Veto
Jul 19, 2006

President Bush Vetos Stem Cell Research Bill
Jul 19, 2006

New Ohio Law Requires Schools to Display "In God We Trust"
Jul 17, 2006

Court of Appeals Upholds Nebraska Marriage Amendment
Jul 14, 2006

Liberty Counsel Joins Broad Coalition Urging Colorado Court of Appeals to Uphold Religious Land Use Law
Jul 12, 2006

California Appeals Court Argument
Jul 11, 2006

Liberty Counsel Presents Oral Argument Today in California Defending Traditional Marriage on Behalf of Campaign for California Families
Jul 10, 2006

California Court of Appeal to Hear Oral Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Cases
Jul 07, 2006

New York's Highest Court Rules 4-2 In Favor Of Traditional Marriage
Jul 06, 2006

Georgia Supreme Court Upholds State Constitutional Amendment Protecting Marriage as One Man and One Woman
Jul 06, 2006

New York City Settles Lawsuit By Agreeing to Open "Gay-Only" School to Heterosexuals
Jul 05, 2006

City Of Hollywood, Florida, To Pay $2 Million To Synagogue for Zoning Discrimination
Jun 30, 2006

Liberty University To Partner With Child Evangelism Fellowship For Children's Ministry Program
Jun 28, 2006

Georgia Supreme Court to Hear Oral Argument on Marriage Amendment Case
Jun 27, 2006

Mat Staver to Testify Before Congress In Support of Bill That Prohibits Damages and Attorney's Fees in Establishment Clause Claims
Jun 21, 2006

Mat Staver to Appear on The Abrams Report to Discuss Graduation Speech Case
Jun 21, 2006

Holy Land Experience Wins Final Round of Property Tax Exemption Battle
Jun 16, 2006

Human Rights Commission Dismisses Complaint Against Christian Businessman After Liberty Counsel Files Suit
Jun 13, 2006

Liberty Counsel Files Suit on Behalf of Christian Businessman Who Refuses to Reproduce Pro-Homosexual Videos
Jun 07, 2006

U.S. Senate To Vote On Marriage Protection Amendment This Week
Jun 05, 2006

Liberty Counsel Intervenes on Behalf of Megan Chapman To Get Graduation Prayer Order Overturned
Jun 02, 2006

Senior Once Censored Sings Religious Song at Graduation Ceremony
May 26, 2006

Virginia School Districts Ready to Schedule Athletic Events with Liberty Christian Academy
May 26, 2006

Court Order Does Not Stop Students From Saying the Lord's Prayer and Thanking God
May 22, 2006

Liberty Counsel Asks Supreme Court to Stop Partial-Birth Abortion
May 22, 2006

Men of Destiny Ministries Will Not Be Shut Down Next Week
May 19, 2006

Kentucky Decision Censoring Student's Religious Viewpoint at Graduation
May 19, 2006

Liberty Counsel Challenges Illegal Boycott Against Liberty Christian Academy
May 16, 2006

Law School Application Deadline Approaches
May 12, 2006

Virginia County Bucking Against Cowboy Church
May 10, 2006

Christian Church Files Emergency Lawsuit to Stop the Ministry From Being Shut Down
May 09, 2006

It Is Not Too Late To Register For Liberty University School Of Law
May 08, 2006

Federal Court of Appeals Tosses Same-Sex Marriage Case
May 05, 2006

Liberty Counsel and Dr. Falwell Launch "Friend or Foe" Graduation Prayer Campaign
May 04, 2006

Palm Beach County Proposes to Delete Zoning Restrictions Related to Church Size and Location
May 03, 2006

Liberty Counsel Defends Christian Businessman Ordered to Duplicate Homosexual Videos
May 02, 2006

Liberty Counsel Files Briefs Defending Marriage In New York's Highest Court
May 01, 2006

Palm Beach County's Proposed Zoning Ordinance Unconstitutionally Restricts Church Size and Location
Apr 27, 2006

Ten Commandments Displays Roll to Victoryin the Courts and the Legislatures
Apr 25, 2006

Ten Commandments Victory Upheld Today By Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Apr 24, 2006

U.S. Supreme Court Allows Decision To Stand That Says Public Schools May Not Censor Religious Viewpoints Of Students In Class Assignments
Apr 24, 2006

Appeals Court Briefed On Prayer in the Indiana Legislature
Apr 13, 2006

Liberty Counsel and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays Launch the "Change is Possible Campaign"
Apr 12, 2006

Florida Supreme Court Upholds Women's Right To Know Act
Apr 06, 2006

Deltona Mayor-Commissioners Reinstate Silent Invocation
Apr 05, 2006

Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Protect Children from Sexually Explicit Library Books
Apr 03, 2006

Nonresident Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriages Lack Validity
Mar 30, 2006

Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Withdraw the Last of Eight Cases Filed in Florida
Mar 27, 2006

U.S. Supreme Court May Hear Liberty Counsel Case Regarding Censorship Of A Kindergartner's Art Poster That Contained A Picture Of Jesus
Mar 24, 2006

Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Approved By Florida Supreme Court
Mar 23, 2006

School Decides to Cancel Diversity Day Rather than Include Viewpoint of Christians and Former Homosexuals
Mar 22, 2006

You Can Impact the Future of America
Mar 21, 2006

Tennessee "Choose Life" License Plate Upheld By Court of Appeals
Mar 17, 2006

Virginia Judge Rejects Registration of Vermont Civil Union Order
Mar 13, 2006

Deltona Mayor Who Unsuccessfully Tried to Censor Religious Paintings Says the ACLU Shaped His Political Philosophy
Mar 06, 2006

South Dakota Governor Signs Law Banning Abortion
Mar 06, 2006

Supreme Court Sides With Abortion Protestors
Feb 28, 2006

Court of Appeals Rules that Abortion Laws Do Not Always Require Health Exceptions
Feb 27, 2006

South Dakota Legislature Bans Abortion
Feb 23, 2006

Supreme Court Takes Up Partial Birth Abortion Case
Feb 21, 2006

Paintings Return to City Hall
Feb 20, 2006

Liberty Counsel Files Federal Lawsuit to Stop Deltona's Censorship of Religious Art
Feb 17, 2006

Following Lawsuit Deltona Reverses Decision - Paintings Will be Displayed
Feb 17, 2006

Deltona Artist Not Accepting Religious Discrimination Quietly
Feb 15, 2006

Florida Parental Notification Law Upheld
Feb 14, 2006

Liberty University School of Law Receives ABA Accreditation
Feb 13, 2006

Deltona, Florida Censors Religious Paintings During Black History Month
Feb 09, 2006

Wiccans Challenge Florida Sales Tax Exemption for Bibles and Religious Publications
Feb 09, 2006

Arguments on Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Go Well
Feb 08, 2006

Florida Supreme Court to Consider Florida Marriage Amendment Tomorrow
Feb 07, 2006

Florida Marriage Amendment Sets Sights for 2008 Ballot
Feb 02, 2006

Judge Alito Confirmed to the United States Supreme Court
Jan 31, 2006

The Day of Purity is Needed More Than Ever Amidst the Increase of STDs and Pedophiles Being Slapped on the Wrist
Jan 30, 2006

Florida Marriage Amendment Deadline Approaching
Jan 30, 2006

Your Voice Is Needed Now On Judge Alito
Jan 26, 2006

Senate to Vote on Alito Monday
Jan 26, 2006

Florida Marriage Amendment Surges for November Ballot
Jan 25, 2006

Judge Alito One Step Closer to U.S. Supreme Court
Jan 24, 2006

Maryland Trial Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
Jan 20, 2006

Supreme Court Rules that Courts May Not Strike Down Abortion Laws in Their Entirety When a Narrower Ruling Is Possible
Jan 18, 2006

Supreme Court Rules that Attorney General Lacked Authority to Ban Controlled Substances from Being Used to Assist in Committing Suicide in Oregon
Jan 17, 2006

Youth Throughout the World are Choosing a Life of Sexual Purity
Jan 16, 2006

Liberty Counsel Defends Ten Commandments Display in Rutherford County, Tennessee
Jan 13, 2006

Urgent Information for Florida Voters
Jan 12, 2006

Ohio School District Halts Discrimination Against Good News Clubs
Jan 10, 2006

Alaska Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Churches’ Request to Defend Tax Exemption
Jan 09, 2006

Good News Clubs Return to Connecticut Schools
Jan 04, 2006

Court-Approved Settlement Opens Doors For Good News Clubs In San Diego City Schools
Jan 03, 2006

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