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Advancing Religious Freedom, Life and Family in 2008
Dec 31, 2007

Liberty Counsel Defends Green Bay, Wisconsin Nativity Scene
Dec 28, 2007

Standing at the Center of the Battle for America's Soul
Dec 27, 2007

Gaining Ground in the Culture War
Dec 22, 2007

Christmas at Southwestern Oklahoma University
Dec 21, 2007

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Bans The Word “Christmas”
Dec 20, 2007

UPDATE on "Christmas" Ban in Oklahoma
Dec 20, 2007

After Decades Without a Nativity Scene, Persistence Pays Off In New Jersey
Dec 19, 2007

Senior Residents Are Finally Allowed To Display Religious Christmas Decorations
Dec 14, 2007

Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Certified for 2008 Ballot
Dec 13, 2007

U.S. House Passes Resolution Supporting Christmas and Christianity
Dec 12, 2007

Liberty Counsel’s Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign Gains Ground
Dec 11, 2007

Liberty Counsel Busts Myths About Christmas Displays In Ohio Cities and Parks
Dec 06, 2007

K-Mart and Sears Offend Christians By Trying To Avoid Offending Other Religions
Dec 05, 2007

Appeals Court Considers State Responsibility for Illegally Strip-Searching Children
Dec 04, 2007

Apartment Complex Resident Will Host Bible Study After Seven Years Of Being Denied
Nov 29, 2007

Christmas According to Marx and Lenin, by Ronald Reagan
Nov 27, 2007

City Rejects Absurd Recommendations to Ban Red and Green Christmas Lights
Nov 26, 2007

City Considers Banning Red and Green Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations
Nov 16, 2007

Liberty Counsel Files Brief At California Supreme Court in Landmark Marriage Cases
Nov 14, 2007

Liberty Counsel Announces the “Naughty & Nice” List for Christmas 2007
Nov 12, 2007

Florida Senior Living Facility Bans Religious Christmas Decorations Based On Erroneous Advice
Nov 09, 2007

Liberty Counsel Congratulates Liberty University School of Law for High Bar Pass Rate
Nov 08, 2007

Veto will likely be needed to defeat ENDA - H.R. 3685 Passed House 235 to 184
Nov 07, 2007

ENDA Vote Set for Wednesday Afternoon, Nov. 7th. Your Action Needed Now!
Nov 06, 2007

School District Backs Down, Allowing Christian Club Equal Access to Schools
Nov 05, 2007

Library Retracts Decision and Allows Posting of Pro-life Event Flyer
Oct 31, 2007

Liberty Counsel Launches Fifth Annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign
Oct 30, 2007

Court of Appeals Upholds Legislative Prayers at Indiana General Assembly
Oct 30, 2007

Disney Receives Petition Signed by Over 40,000 People Protesting Censorship of God from Radio Ad for Promenade Pictures’ Film, The Ten Commandments
Oct 26, 2007

National Media Organizations Join Liberty Counsel in Filing Briefs Before the Florida Supreme Court in Major First Amendment Case
Oct 25, 2007

Take Your Family to see THE TEN COMMANDMENTS This Week!
Oct 24, 2007

Virginia and Michigan Join Liberty Counsel in Filing Briefs in Virginia Supreme Court to Defend Against Vermont Civil Unions
Oct 23, 2007

Important ENDA vote this week! You can make a difference!
Oct 22, 2007

Sign the Petition to Radio Disney: Don't Ban God from Ads
Oct 16, 2007

Disney Bans God From "The Ten Commandments" Movie Ads
Oct 15, 2007

Student Wins Talent Show After School Reverses Decision That Banned Christian Song
Oct 11, 2007

Demand Letter Causes School District To Stop Discrimination Against Christian Group
Oct 11, 2007

Folsom Street Fair - "Tolerance Gone Wild" in San Francisco
Oct 10, 2007

The Ten Commandments Movie Promotion
Oct 09, 2007

School District Ends Discrimination Against Christian Club
Oct 09, 2007

School District Sued For Unconstitutional Community Service Policy
Oct 08, 2007

ACLU's Lawsuit Against The Ten Commandments In Public Schools Is Dismissed
Oct 02, 2007

Senate Could Pass Hate Crimes Legislation Unless You Take Action Now!
Sep 26, 2007

School District Ceases Discrimination Against Christian Clubs And Release Time Classes
Sep 26, 2007

Millions of Students Will Unite In Prayer Around School Flagpoles
Sep 25, 2007

Congress Considers Act to Protect Perceived Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Sep 20, 2007

School District Settles Discrimination Lawsuit By Allowing Christian After-School Club
Sep 11, 2007

Rekindling Our Nation's Spiritual Fire - Never Forget 9/11
Sep 11, 2007

School District Retreats From Charging Christian Club Excessive Fees
Sep 10, 2007

Liberty Counsel Honors the Life of Dr. D. James Kennedy
Sep 05, 2007

Liberty Counsel Responds to California's Failure to Vigorously Defend Marriage Laws
Aug 31, 2007

Vermont Same-Sex Civil Unions Argued At Virginia Supreme Court
Aug 29, 2007

County Pays For Refusing To Allow Christian Message in Public Parks
Aug 28, 2007

Valedictorian Sues School District That Forced Apology For Religious Graduation Message
Aug 27, 2007

CNN Headline News Interviews Mathew Staver About New Jersey Threatening Church For Not Allowing Lesbian Ceremony
Aug 24, 2007

God’s Christian Warriors Airs Again On CNN
Aug 24, 2007

God's Christian Warriors Airs Tonight on CNN
Aug 23, 2007

CNN Presents: God's Warriors, Featuring Mathew Staver and Rev. Jerry Falwell
Aug 20, 2007

Ten Commandments Print
Aug 20, 2007

Mathew Staver Debates Barry Lynn On CNN Tonight
Aug 20, 2007

Liberty Counsel Defends Against Radical Attack On Traditional Marriage
Aug 17, 2007

Renowned Constitutional Attorney Joins Liberty Counsel Legal Team
Aug 13, 2007

Candidates Court Same-Sex Couples While Most Americans Oppose Same-Sex Marriage
Aug 07, 2007

Judge Forces Taxpayers To Fund Estrogen Treatment for Man Who Thinks He Is A Woman
Aug 03, 2007

School District Faces Federal Lawsuit for Stonewalling Religious Club
Aug 02, 2007

Lawsuit Causes County To Reverse Course And Allow Religious Flyers in Parks
Aug 01, 2007

Sixty Groups Decry Judiciary Committee's Inaction On Judicial Nominees
Jul 26, 2007

Liberty Counsel Sues Florida County For Banning Religious Flyers in a Public Park
Jul 20, 2007

Impact of Annual "Friend or Foe" Graduation Prayer Campaign Continues to Grow
Jul 17, 2007

Summary of Judicial Nominations in the 110th Congress
Jul 17, 2007

Hate Crimes Amendment Sneaks Into Senate Defense Reauthorization Bill
Jul 12, 2007

Liberty University School of Law Students Enjoy Supreme Day in the Nation's Capital
Jul 11, 2007

Supreme Court Issues Opinions in Several Important Cases
Jun 25, 2007

It Is Not Too Late To Register For Liberty University School Of Law
Jun 21, 2007

President Bush Vetoes Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill
Jun 20, 2007

Flawed Immigration Policy Threatens America's Heritage, Moral Values and Religious Freedom
Jun 15, 2007

Child Evangelism Fellowship Overcomes Unfair Discrimination At County Fair
Jun 15, 2007

Supreme Court Rules on Compulsory Unionism
Jun 14, 2007

School District Learns That Religious Discrimination In Sports Is Out-Of-Bounds
Jun 13, 2007

Liberty University School of Law Students Enjoy Supreme Day in the Nation's Capital
Jun 11, 2007

Liberty Counsel and Campaign for California Families Defend Marriage in California
Jun 07, 2007

Law that Booted Churches from Commercial Zones Gets the Boot
Jun 05, 2007

Zoning Ordinance That Banned Churches Rescinded Following Lawsuit
Jun 04, 2007

Student-Initiated Prayer and Youth Minister Allowed at Graduation After All
May 24, 2007

Looking Back on a Life of Faith and Pressing Toward the Vision
May 21, 2007

A Tribute to Our Friend and Pastor, Rev. Jerry Falwell
May 15, 2007

ACLU Cannot Force School District to Censor Seniors at Louisiana Graduation
May 14, 2007

School District Ordered to Pay Damages for Censoring Child Evangelism Fellowship
May 08, 2007

Impact of Annual "Friend or Foe" Graduation Prayer Campaign Continues to Grow
May 07, 2007

America, Unite In Prayer on The National Day of Prayer - May 3, 2007
May 02, 2007

School District Reverses Suspensions For Praying
May 01, 2007

Supreme Court Sidesteps Conflict Between States Over Same-Sex Unions
Apr 30, 2007

School Agrees To Let Third Grader Perform Christian Song In Talent Show
Apr 24, 2007

County Detention Center Avoids Lawsuit By Allowing Inmate Baptisms
Apr 23, 2007

Liberty Counsel Asks Supreme Court To Apply Federal Defense Of Marriage Act To Protect Parental Rights
Apr 20, 2007

The Practical Impact of the Supreme Court's Decision on Partial Birth Abortion
Apr 19, 2007

Victory! United States Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion
Apr 18, 2007

Church Challenges Constitutionality of Property Tax
Apr 13, 2007

Gideon Bible Distribution in Public Schools Argued Before Federal Appeals Court
Apr 12, 2007

Same-Sex Civil Unions Harm Innocent Children
Apr 06, 2007

Defense of State Marriage Laws Continues Before California Supreme Court
Apr 03, 2007

Federal Court Strikes Down School Policy And Orders School To Allow Religious Flyers
Apr 02, 2007

Police Back Away From Threats To Arrest Christians For Publicly Sharing Their Faith
Mar 30, 2007

Mat Staver to Appear on MSNBC to Discuss Internet Pornography Ruling
Mar 23, 2007

A Witch's Brew of Poisonous Proposals Threatens Our Liberty
Mar 14, 2007

U.S. Attorney General Launches New Initiative to Protect Religious Freedom
Mar 12, 2007

Liberty Counsel Defends Ten Commandments Display In Florida
Mar 08, 2007

Liberty University School of Law's Supreme Courtroom
Mar 06, 2007

Alaska Supreme Court Allows Churches To Defend Challenge Against Tax Exemption by ACLU
Mar 05, 2007

Twelve Students Receive 10-Day Suspension for Praying Before School
Mar 02, 2007

College Loses $12 Million Pledge Over Cross Removal
Mar 01, 2007

Former ACLU Leader Arrested on Child Porn Charges
Feb 28, 2007

Restore America Conference Expects Over One Thousand Attendees
Feb 22, 2007

School Admits Error and Allows Student To Give Bibles To His Friends
Feb 21, 2007

Supreme Court Could Extend the Reach of Public Schools into Private Life
Feb 20, 2007

The Fourth Annual Day of Purity is Celebrated Worldwide
Feb 14, 2007

Liberty Counsel Asks Supreme Court to Settle Legal Battle Between States Over Same-Sex Unions
Feb 07, 2007

Utah Supreme Court Refuses To Give A Lesbian Parental Rights to Former Partner's Child
Feb 06, 2007

Students Around the World Share the Message that Purity is a Positive Choice
Feb 05, 2007

The NFL's Heavy-Handed Attempt to Silence Churches is Out of Bounds
Feb 02, 2007

Trial Starts Over Censorship Of Kindergartner's Art Poster Containing Picture Of Jesus
Jan 29, 2007

Religious Club Gains Equal Access to Pennsylvania Public Elementary Schools
Jan 26, 2007

We Can Win the Battle for Life and End America's Legacy of Shame
Jan 22, 2007

Equal Access Means Equal Treatment
Jan 17, 2007

School District Reverses Decision and Grants Christian Club Equal Access to Facilities
Jan 16, 2007

Milwaukee Public Schools Remove Cap on Good News Clubs
Jan 11, 2007

Ohio School District Halts Discrimination Against Good News Clubs
Jan 10, 2007

Alaska Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Churches' Request to Defend Tax Exemption
Jan 09, 2007

Be a Part of the Counter Culture: Choose a Life of Sexual Purity
Jan 05, 2007

Good News Clubs Return to Connecticut Schools
Jan 04, 2007

City Backs Off Arrest Threats Against Prolife Sidewalk Counselors
Jan 02, 2007

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