December 18, 2010

Freedom Federation Pledges Full Mobilization on Behalf of 40 Million Americans to Overturn DADT Repeal and

Freedom Federation Pledges Full Mobilization on Behalf of 40 Million Americans to Overturn DADT Repeal

Mathew Staver, on behalf the Freedom Federation, made the following statement in response to the Senate’s vote to repeal Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C. (1993), which is usually mislabeled by the subsequent Executive policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT): "Our armed forces should take heart, because the American people will not turn its back on you. This vote happened because opportunistic Senators – only days before Christmas – put political interest groups above supporting our men and women in uniform."

Staver continued, "This action will be overturned in the next Congress because it breaks the bond of trust that must exist between the military and those who command in the Pentagon and Congress. Today’s vote will prove as costly to its proponents as ObamaCare was to its advocates. We promise a full mobilization of faith-based and policy organizations, veterans, and military families in the states of every Senator who voted for repeal of DADT against the advice of our service chiefs and during a time of war. Those Senators – and the Pentagon leaders responsible for this breach of trust – should understand that they will be the object of concerted political action against them."

The Freedom Federation is a federation of multiracial, multiethnic, and multigenerational faith-based and policy leaders and organizations representing 40 million people. The Freedom Federation is not a separate organization. It is a federation of organizations with large and unique constituencies that share common core values.

Eternal Vigilance is Necessary for Victory

The Senate’s actions today have demonstrated again how we must show up to fight against every threat to our religious liberty. You can help now by donating online through our special secure donation site or in our secure online store, where you can also order books, CDs, t-shirts, and other materials.

The legal controversies that God has resolved through Liberty Counsel in 2010 are too numerous to list here. We have overviewed many of them in our special Year End Report. To receive a free full-color 4-page copy of this special Year End Report, call 800-671-1776 and we will send you up to ten free copies of this report for you to share.

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The Freedom Federation is a federation of multiracial, multiethnic and multigenerational faith-based and policy organizations and leaders committed to plan, strategize, and mobilize to advance shared core values.

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