November 23, 2011

Walgreens Retracts Its Description of Christmas Decorations as “Holiday” Ones

Just one day after coming under a firestorm for selling “holiday” gifts and providing “holiday” shipping for gifts to arrive by December 25th, Walgreens has worked to regain their “nice” status on our “Naughty or Nice List” which catalogs more than 50 national retailers which either censor (“naughty”) or recognize (“nice”) Christmas.

Tiffany Washington, a spokesperson for Walgreens stated, “During the month of December, there will be greater use of ‘Christmas’ in our store and online. We completely agree that while others celebrate different holidays, we should use the word ‘Christmas’ to describe items we are selling for Christmas decorations and gifts. As Christmas draws closer, there will be plenty of messages in our store and online that say ‘Merry Christmas.’” In addition, Liberty Counsel has received a report of Christmas music being played in Indiana Walgreens stores in response to a directive from its headquarters.

We have moved Walgreens back to the “Nice” list and we will continue to monitor it and other stores. We are pleased with Walgreens for joining the growing number of stores that recognize Christmas. We will be monitoring stores and updating our “Naughty or Nice List” to help you support stores that support Christmas.

Read our News Release for more details.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Liberty Counsel offers many excellent Christmas gift ideas in our online store. We have listed several suggestions that have proven popular to our supporters. For example, this stunning Christmas Nativity Ornament is a 3" unbreakable glass-like ball, which beautifully illustrates Joseph and Mary in the stable with the newborn Christ child. On the back, the corresponding scripture verse, Luke 2:12, introduces their Biblical story.

This striking Nativity Ornament can be the perfect Christmas present from our online store for a donation to Liberty Counsel for $10.00 or more.

In addition to finding the perfect gift for family and friends, you have the assurance that your funds are helping Liberty Counsel fight for religious freedom. 



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