February 14, 2012

Day of Purity Launches “Purity Bear” Video Sequel on Annual Celebration of Purity


After students at Liberty University produced a video called “The Purity Bear,” which has now been viewed in 186 countries, the Day of Purity launched a second video that also encourages youth to consider saving sex for marriage.

Today is the ninth annual celebration of Day of Purity, which is a call to remain sexually pure before marriage and loyal within marriage. Valentine’s Day has new meaning for the many who have replaced February 14 as a day to take a stand for purity. Anyone making this pledge can receive a free pledge card by signing up at www.DayofPurity.org.

The Day of Purity gives voice to the many who have decided to make the pledge for purity and stand up for self-respect. We are hoping to get the message out to all ages that sex is best saved for marriage. Your future and your health do not have to be dictated by Hollywood’s mirage. We are here to support those who make the commitment and encourage them to protect their future and not lose sight of their goals.

The Day of Purity website, DayOfPurity.org, allows anyone to download informative flyers, request a LivePure wristband and Day of Purity T-shirt, and link to other valuable resources. Follow and interact with us through Facebook.com/DayofPurity and Twitter @DOPurity.

Read our News Release for more details.

Declare your Decision

Join with others who have decided to wait for marriage with a purity wristband. This durable white wristband has “LIVEPURE” on one side and the scripture verse “1 Timothy 4:12” on the other. Each one is 100% synthetic silicone.

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