May 13, 2013

Liberty Counsel Hires Former Advisor to Israeli Prime Minister for Israel Program

Liberty Counsel is pleased to announce that Rivka Kidron has joined the Liberty Counsel team to work on the Liberty Ambassador Counsel program. Rivka brings a great deal of experience to Liberty Counsel. Until a few weeks ago, she worked in the Prime Minister’s office in Israel as the Special Advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Rivka will remain in Israel.

The Liberty Ambassador Counsel program is designed to strengthen relationships between Israel and the United States and between Christians and Jews. The Liberty Ambassador Counsel  offers unique and life-changing tours of Israel that include visits to a wide range of Biblical and historical sites but also include access to leading officials in all levels of the Israeli government, as well as political, military, business, academic, and religious leaders.

Please pray for Rivka as she works to develop relationships between the United States and Israel.

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Liberty Ambassador Counsel VIP Trip to Israel with Mat and Anita Staver - May 18-27, 2013

The Liberty Ambassador Counsel VIP Tour of Israel is designed to strengthen your Christian faith and equip you to be a goodwill ambassador for Israel. You will tour the Biblical sites in the Holy Land and hear from Israel’s leading political, military, business, research, and academic leaders.

For more information, contact Liberty Counsel at 800-671-1776 or fill out an online application.



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