October 16, 2007

Sign the Petition to Radio Disney: Don't Ban God from Ads

As we told you in yesterday's Liberty Alert, Disney required that the words “chosen by God” be removed from advertising it aired on Radio Disney to promote the new Promenade Pictures movie, “The Ten Commandments.”

The ads originally stated that Moses was “chosen by God.” This action comes from a company that, on its website, promotes other movies with references to mythical gods, Tiki gods, Navaho gods and animal gods! 

In this petition, we are calling on Disney to reverse its policy and issue a formal apology to Promenade Pictures and people of faith across this nation. Disney needs to get out of the business of censoring religious expression and focus instead on providing content that uplifts our families and our heritage of faith, as does this movie about Moses and the Ten Commandments.

When you sign the petition, you can also listen to the banned ad on our petition web site.

You can show your support by:

(1) Signing the Petition to Disney.

(2) Go see The Ten Commandments movie as soon as it comes to your area. The movie will start showing in theaters on Friday, October 19. Click Here to see if it is showing in your area. More theaters are being added daily. You can also get free downloads of Ten Commandments materials at www.epicstoriesofthebible.com. (3) pass this email to others and tell them to sign the petition at www.LC.org.

(4) Watch Liberty Counsel's 3-minute video on the importance of the Ten Commandments. This is the video that was played at recent movie previews. (Download the free QuickTime player for Windows or Mac, at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ and watch the video).  

(5) You can buy group tickets and blocks of tickets also, by calling

We believe that Disney's action will backfire when more people learn about their blatant censorship of God! 



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