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Recent Programs


September 04 “How Great Thou Art” Song Prohibited by Mississippi Lawsuit

September 03 Satanists Demonstrate in Support of Planned Parenthood

September 02 Americans Rise Up Against Planned Parenthood

September 01 Thousands Rally for Kentucky Clerk and Religious Freedom

August 31 New Film “WAR ROOM” Promotes Revival in America

August 28 States Begin Defunding Planned Parenthood’s Human Slaughterhouses

August 27 Gay Marriage Gauntlet Thrown: Time to Choose

August 26 ISIS Enshrines a Theology Of Rape

August 25 Startling Wisdom from History Speaks to Today

August 24 Temporary Stay for Clerk Defending Traditional Marriage

August 21 Americans Seeking to Join ISIS Expose Home-Grown Muslim Radicalism

August 20 Federal Court Ignores the Constitution

August 19 LC Asks US Supreme Court to Review Case Banning Counseling for Same-Sex Attraction

August 18 County Clerk Stands up Against Unconstitutional Gay Marriage Decision

August 17 County Clerk Forced By Government to Violate the Constitution

August 14 Satanist Statue Debuts in Detroit

August 13 Kentucky Order Stops Counselor from Helping Gay Youth

August 12 Kansas Governor Investigates Planned Parenthood for Selling Human Body Parts

August 11 Boy Scouts Organization Demise

August 10 Obama’s Legacy – Giving Nuclear Weapons to Jihadists?

August 07 Undercover Videos Expose Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies

August 06 TX Supreme Court Supports Citizens against LGBT Mayor’s Tyranny

August 05 Clerk Sued by ACLU for Standing for Biblical Principles

August 04 Minister Forbidden to Share Biblical Truth With Struggling LGBT Teens

August 03 Mother Stands Up Against Library Pushing LGBT Books on Children 

July 31 Is Sidewalk Counseling Stalking?

July 30 Links Between Abortion and Breast Cancer Continue to Mount

July 29 Christians Have a Duty As Citizens

July 28 Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

July 27 Do you Believe in Prayer?

July 24 Library Ignores Legal Precedent By Discriminating against Christians

July 23 Iranian Regime Nuclear Threat Exposed

July 22 Christian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Will Be Last to Receive Help

July 21 Canadian Court Ruling Discriminates Against Christian Law Students

July 20 Atheist AUSCS Launches Aggressive Initiative to Silence Christians

July 17 Over 500,000 “Bible Sticks” Distributed to US Soldiers

July 16 Time to Speak up as ISIS Executes More Christians

July 15 Baker Battle in Oregon is Tip of the Iceberg

July 14 Texas Clerk Refuses to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

July 13 Calling on Pastors to Issue a “Declaration of Dependence”

July 10 No Nation Can Rebel Against God and Prosper

July 09 What Do You Do When Faced With a Lawless Law?

July 08 Religious Liberties Suffer Under Illegitimate SCOTUS Opinion

July 07 Supreme Court Breaks the Law

July 06 Five Lawyers Become Kings?

July 03 Today We Witness a Clash of Worldview

July 02 North Carolina Protects Religious Freedom Against Same-Sex Marriage

July 01 When Is Black, White And A Man, A Woman?

June 30 License Plates and Signs: What the Supreme Court Said

June 29 What Would Civil Disobedience Look Like?

June 26 National Religious Leaders Join Pledge For Marriage

June 25 Why is Religious Freedom Under Greater Attack Worldwide?

June 24 Bruce Jenner Illustrates Sin, Not Change

June 23 Have We Lost the Culture War?

June 22 Federal Court Strikes Down Abortion Ban after 20 Weeks

June 19 Liberty Counsel Files Motion to Enforce Marriage Laws

June 18 Are Court Orders The Final Arbiter of the Constitution?

June 17 State Defunds Planned Parenthood

June 16 Big Government VS Small Government

June 15 White House Forces LGBT Applicants on Ministries

June 12 Is Having a Loving Family an “Unfair Advantage”?

June 11 Feds Black Mail School to Adopt Transsexual Policy

June 10 Reasons to Hope for America

June 09 Enemies Fall Israel Endures

June 08 Christian Marine Court-marshalled for Bible Verse

June 05 Darkness Has Enveloped Ireland

June 04 America and Israel Share Common Values and Threats

June 03 The Battle Over Same Sex Marriage Is Not About Equality

June 02 There Is No “Hate Speech” Exception to the First Amendments

June 01 Franklin Graham Calls for National Prayer in Urgent Times

May 29 Christians Avoiding Culture Wars May Soon Have No Choice

May 28 Obama Manipulating UN Against Israel

May 27 We Stand in Unity – Marriage Pledge

May 26 Clashes Caused by Same Sex Marriage Issue

May 25 Today We Witness a Clash of Worldview

May 22 Amazing New College Student Program Announced In Israel

May 21 Your Student’s Faith is Not Silenced at Graduation

May 20 The Professor Has No Clothes

May 19 Homosexual Agenda Sours Christian Owned Sweets Shop

May 18 FL College Condones Discrimination Against Christians

May 15 Visit Israel - Amazing Opportunity for College Students

May 14 Prejudice FL Professor Bullies Christian Student

May 13 Student’s Right to Speak their Faith Protected at Graduation

May 12 Marriage “Red Line” Crossed – Religious Freedom under Attack

May 11 Why is Same-Sex Marriage Such a Big Issue?

May 08 “Do Not Cross Red Line” Diverse Faith Community Warns Supreme Court

May 07 National Day of Prayer - “Lord Hear Our Cry”

May 06 US Supreme Court – Marriage Pledge

May 05 The Savagery of Abortion Must End

May 04 Many Churches Ignore Global Persecution

May 01 Radical Islam Targets Christians Around the World

April 30 Five Straight Losses to “Under God” Pledge Opponents

April 29 What are the Roots of the Same-Sex Marriage Issue?

April 28 Another Victory Over Obamacare Abortion Mandate

April 27 Supreme Court Hears Marriage Case

April 24 Leaders Pledge Unity on Traditional Marriage

April 23 Defining the “Rule of Law”

April 22 Obama Emboldens Radical Islamists and Iranian Regime

April 21 LC Fights for the Rule of Law Around the Country

April 20 School Reverses Discrimination Against Child Evangelism Fellowship

April 17 Homosexual Clash in Christian Daycare Center

April 16 GOP Pressured to Remove Marriage from Platform

April 15 Kenyan Christians Massacred by Muslims

April 14 LC Files Brief on Marriage Exposing “Kinsey Fraud”

April 13 Obama & Kerry Celebrate Misguided Iran Nuclear Enablement

April 10 Correcting the Lies About Indiana’s Religious Liberty Law

April 09 University Bans Christian Club for Being Christian

April 08 Apostasy Rages in Modern America

April 07 Woman Cut Baby From Another’s Womb – No Murder Charges

April 06 LC Files Major Brief in Puerto Rico Defending Marriage

April 03 The Truth on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill

April 02 TX High School Controversy Over Prayer

April 01 American Idol Hopeful Says Faith Saved Her From Abortion

March 31 College Battles Same-Sex Marriage - Risks Accreditation

March 30 Child Raised By Lesbians Speaks Against Homosexuality

March 27 Obama Vindictive Towards Israel

March 26 Franklin Graham calls Islam Violent

March 25 Exposed: Homosexual Agenda Pushed on Children

March 24 Israel’s Elections Will Decide The Future

March 23 Alabama Enforces Citizen’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

March 20 The Awakening 2015 Made History

March 19 Senate Candidate Says “Gays are gods”, Wants LGBT Armed Force

March 18 Netanyahu’s Speech is Paying Dividends

March 17 City of Lake Worth Florida Uses KGB Tactics to Harass Church

March 16 Alabama Supreme Court Puts End to Homosexual Lawlessness

March 13 Alabama Supreme Court Stops Same-Sex Marriage

March 12 Are Former KGB Agents Running the City of Lake Worth, Florida?

March 11 Florida Public School Indoctrinates Children with Islamic Propaganda

March 10 Freedom From Religion Foundation Bullies School District Over Teacher’s Memorial

March 09 US Supreme Court Questions New Jersey’s Same-Sex Attraction Therapy Ban

March 06 A Huge Victory for Legitimate Marriage

March 05 Kansas Could Be First to Ban "Dismemberment" in Abortion

March 04 Georgia Considers Protections Against Radical Homosexual Agenda

March 03 School Reverses "God Bless America" Ban

March 02 Hear Franklin Graham at The Awakening 2015 in Orlando!

February 27 Judge Rules Against Florist Refusing to Violate Her Conscience

February 26 Prime Minister Netanyahu Calls for Jews to Immigrate to Israel

February 25 Homosexual Leaders and Scholars Admit: Change Is Possible

February 24 Texas Federal Judge Shuts Down Obama Amnesty

February 23 Rev. Franklin Graham Will Speak at Awakening 2015

February 20 Alabama Supreme Court Acts on LC Mandamus Petition

February 19 Netanyahu: The Ronald Reagan of Israel

February 18 LC Launches Liberty Relief International

February 17 Obama: Muslim in Chief?

February 16 Refreshing: Judges Who Respect the Rule of Law

February 13 Liberty Counsel Defends Alabama Probate Judges

February 12 Does Jesus Belong in the Culture Wars?

February 11 Radical Homosexual Agenda Advances in California

February 10 Church Must Be Truth and Light to the Culture

February 9 President Obama Undermines Israel Election

February 6 Alabama Chief Justice Affirms Natural Marriage

February 5 Obama Administration’s Attempt to Sabotage Netanyahu Reelection

February 4 Florida Wedding Planner Will Not Be Bullied by Homosexuals

February 3 Gov. Bobby Jindal Calls Citizens to Prayer

February 2 Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Book Gets Liberal Pushback

January 30 Massive March for Life Event Ignored by Media

January 29 The Battle Over the World’s Most Influential Book

January 28 Mississippi Aims to Make the Bible its State Book

January 27 Come Hear Powerful Speakers at the Awakening 2015!

January 26 Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

January 23 US Supreme Court Takes On Same Sex Marriage Cases

January 22 Forty-Two Years of Abortion

January 21 Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for Christian Views

January 20 Obama’s Absence: Incompetent, Disorganized, or Fearful of Radical Islam?

January 19 Join us for the Awakening 2015!

January 16 A Lawless Storm Hits Florida on Same-Sex Marriage

January 15 Become a Liberty Ambassador to Israel!

January 14 Is Sidewalk Counseling Stalking?

January 13 Links Between Abortion and Breast Cancer Continue to Mount

January 12 Christians Have a Duty As Citizens

January 9 Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

January 8 Do you Believe in Prayer?

January 7 Planned Parenthood Pushes “Gender-bread” Man on Children

January 6 Citizens Push Back Fayetteville Homosexual Ordinance

January 5 Living in a World of Double Standards

January 2 The Number of “Un-Churched” Americans Grows

January 1 New Opportunites and New Challenges


December 31 California University De-recognizes Christian Group for Having Christian Leaders

December 30 God Brings Opportunities

December 29 How God Has Led Through 2014

December 26 Christmas Leads to the Holy Land

December 25 Booting Jesus from the Public Square

December 24 LC Review: LC Founder Awarded Peruvian Medal of Honor

December 23 LC Review: LC Defends Therapy Rights for Minors

December 22 LC Review: LC Defends Natural Marriage

December 19 LC Review: LC Defends the Pre-born

December 18 LC Review: LC Defends Home Owners Stripped of Their Rights

December 17 LC Review: LC Defends Religious Expression at Public Assemblies

December 16 LC Review: LC Defends Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court

December 15 Is Your Favorite Store Naughty or Nice?

December 12 More NC Magistrates Resign Over Same Sex Marriage Controversy

December 11 Links Between Abortion and Breast Cancer Continue to Mount

December 10 Why Was Atlanta Fire Chief Suspended?

December 9 Is Sidewalk Counseling Stalking?

December 8 Another Obamacare Lie is Revealed

December 5 Rick Warren Implores Vatican to Stand for Traditional Marriage

December 4 What Does Rioting After Ferguson Shooting Tell Us About America?

December 3 LC Files Brief in Federal Court Defending Marriage in Florida

December 2 Colorado Supreme Court Overrules Governor’s Prayer Proclamation

December 1 Child Evangelism Fellowship Case Argued in Federal Court

November 28 LC Launches 12th Annual "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign"

November 27 Founder of Human Rights Campaign Sexually Abused Minor

November 26 House Republicans File Suit Against Obamacare

November 25 Obama Oversteps Congress on Illegal Immigration

November 24 Life Unquestionably Begins at Conception

November 21 Science Supports Pro-life Argument

November 20 History Repeats Itself

November 19 American's Silence on Middle East Genocide is Shameful

November 18 Israel is a Life Changing Experience

November 17 The Land of Israel is Critical to Our History and Future

November 14 What is the Difference Between "License" and a Biblical World

November 13 Candidates Replaced - What about Referendums?

November 12 Revival Needed for Long-Term Change of Policie

November 11 You Went to the Polls and Made a Difference

November 10 Time to Hold Republican Winners' Feet to the Fire

November 7 A Huge Shift Has Taken Place in America

November 6 Pastors & Patriots: Key to our Founding

November 5 American Founded as a Christian Nation

November 4 Liberty Counsel Encourages Pastors to Stand

November 3 Christians Need to Vote

October 31 Pastors Should Speak Out

October 30 Museum of the Bible coming to Washington, DC

October 29 California Requires Churches to Provide Employees Abortion-on-Demand

October 28 Pastors Forced to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage

October 27 Houston, We Have a Problem!

October 24 Stand at Your Post and Don't Give Up in the Culture Wars

October 23 America Needs Spiritual Revival

October 22 Studies Indicate Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

October 21 What is a Biblical Worldview and Why is it Important?

October 20 Gordon College Faces Accreditation Battle over Biblical Values

October 17 Liberty Counsel Defends Previously Suicidal Boy from "Big Brother"

October 16 Supreme Court Lets Stand Decision Defining Unborn as Child

October 15 Homeowners Association Reverses Religious Discrimination

October 14 Same-sex Marriage Threatens America

October 13 Supreme Court Responsible for Setting Fire On Marriage

October 10 Supreme Court Silently Gives Nod to Same Sex Marriage

October 9 Presbyterian Church Pays Millions to Separate from PCUSA

October 8 Students Stand Up for First Amendment Rights

October 7 Religious Discrimination on the Rise

October 6 John Kerry Says America Needs to Protect Muslims From Climate Change

October 3 Change Therapy Case May Go to US Supreme Court

October 2 ObamaCare Funding Abortion Despite President's Promise Otherwise 

October 1 Liberty Counsel Fights Against Discrimination from Home Owners Association

September 30 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Prejudges Same Sex Marriage Case

September 29 Liberty Counsel Defends Church Rights

September 26 Facing One of the Most Important Elections In Our Lifetimes

September 25 Prayer at Football Games Sparks Controversy

September 24 NYC St. Patrick Day Parade Organizers Cave Under Homosexual Pressure

September 23 Secular Pro-life Arguments

September 22 Christians Need to be Supporting our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq

September 19 Liberty Counsel Defends Jews for Jesus for Over a Decade

September 18 Dawkins Says Deliberately giving Birth to a Downs Syndrome Baby is Immoral

September 17 Obama Administration Continues to Bully Little Sisters of the Poor

September 16 Hawaii Governor Loses Re-Election Bid Over Same-Sex Marriage

September 15 Judge Supporting Same-sex Marriage Makes Absurd Statements on Human Sexuality

September 12 Liberty Counsel Defends National Motto 

September 11 You Are Called for "Such A Time As This"

September 10 Evocative Images of the American Abortion Holocaust

September 9 Judge Rules Against "Skype" Abortions

September 8 The Push to Legalize Marijuana Harms Families

September 5 What Are the Arguments for Natural Marriage?

September 4 What Are the Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage?

September 3 High School Student Suspended for Saying "Bless You"

September 2 Obama Administration Silent on Persecuted Christians in Iraq

September 1 Arkansas Passes Intrusive Sexual Orientation Ordinance

August 29 The Dangers of the "False Church"

August 28 Natural Marriage Victory in Tennessee

August 27 Scientist Fired for Finding Fossil Evidence of Creationism

August 26 Planned Parenthood Covers Up Rape of Minor

August 25 Christians Who Support Homosexuality Also Condone Pornography and Casual Sex

August 22 More High Profile Christians Embrace Homosexuality

August 21 The Fact That Israel Exists is a Miracle

August 20 Israel Conflict and Coexistence

August 19 Should You Visit Israel?

August 18 Christians in Defense of Israel Joins Liberty Counsel

August 15 Why Should We Support Israel?

August 14 Uncovering Media Bias

August 13 Why Are Some States Rejecting Common Core?

August 12 Your Second Amendment Rights Are Under Attack

August 11 How Easy is Voter Fraud?

August 8 Federal Court of Virginia Strikes Down Marriage Amendment

August 7 Israel is the First Line of Defense for America

August 6 Liberty Counsel is Breaking the Spiral of Silence

August 5 Called for Such a Time as This

August 4 Liberty Counsel Reviews Mid-Year Report

August 1 Living in the Shade of Vesuvius

July 31 Do Pastors who Support Same-Sex Marriage Belong to Satan?

July 30 Anti-Semitism on the Rise

July 29 War Tactics Show Hamas Targets Civilians; Israel Protects Civilians

July 28 Join Christians in Defense of Israel

July 25 President Obama Codifies Religious Discrimination

July 24 Federal Court of Appeals Deals Crippling Blow to ObamaCare

July 23 Obama's Policies Fail in the Middle East

July 22 Mexican Children Abused in Boarder Chaos

July 21 Homosexual Groups Exposed Trying to Criminalize Christianity

July 18 Justina's Law Introduced to Protect Children from the State

July 17 Bill Attempts to Overturn Hobby Lobby Freedom's for Companies

July 16 Hobby Lobby Ruling on Abortifacients Explained

July 15 Liberty Counsel Defends Marriage Against Two Attacks in Florida

July 14 Appeal on Talk-Therapy for Same-Sex Attractions Stumps Liberal 

July 11 Liberty Counsel Encourages Pastors and Churches to Take a Stand

July 10 Christians Need to Vote Their Values

July 9 Pastors Can and Should Speak on Politics

July 8 Buffer-Zones Overturned by Unanimous Supreme Court

July 7 Supreme Court Protects Religious Businesses from Demands

July 4 Celebrating America and Our Dependence on God

July 3 High Court Upholds Religious Freedom Against HHS Mandate

July 2 Obama's Foreign Policy is Weakening America and It's Allies

July 1 The State of Marriage is Hanging in the Balance

June 30 Life Unquestionably Begins at Conception

June 27 Science Supports Pro-life Argument

June 26 Worldview Impacts Culture Issues

June 25 How Does One's Worldview Affect One's View of Government

June 24 IRS is Wizard of Oz Hiding Behind a Curtain of Deception

June 23 Churches Do Not Need IRS Letter to be Tax Exempt

June 20 LGBT Political Thugs Bully Supporters of Natural Marriage

June 19 President Obama Acts Unilaterally in Bergdahl Release

June 18 Your Tax Dollars to Pay for Sex Change Surgeries

June 17 Liberty Counsel Encourages Pastors and Churches to Take a Stand

June 16 Christians Need to Vote Their Values

June 13 Roe v. Wade Viability Standards are Junk Science

June 12 CO Baker Forced to Bake a Same-Sex Wedding Cake

June 11 There is No Third Way with regards to Human Sexuality

June 10 DCF Will Not Oppose Motion to Return Justina Home

June 9 President Breaks the Law, Risks the Lives of Americans

June 6 President Obama Trades Five Mass-Murders for One Potential Trader

June 5 God is not a Dirty Word

June 4 Franklin Graham: Tough Love for Homosexuals

June 3 Murder for Hire: Abortion by Commission

June 2 Condoms Out, Drugs in: America's Message to Youth

May 30 Common Core: Experimentation Gone Wrong

May 29 Common Core: Rotten to the Core

May 28 School Vouchers Surpass Federal Testing

May 27 Will Congress Ever Hold Obama Accountable?

May 26 Cruz Keeps the Heat on Obama's Lawlessness

May 23 Outlaw Obama: The Many Laws He has Broken

May 22 12-year-old Rape Victim Chooses Life

May 21 Parents Beat Daughter Who Refused Abortion

May 20 Atheists Pledge to Continue to Fight Public Prayer

May 19 Supreme Court Upholds Public Prayer

May 16 Who is Accountable for Justina's Case?

May 15 DCF Takes Small Step in Justina Pelletier Case

May 14 Benghazi Cover-Up and Lies Finally Exposed

May 13 Liberty Counsel Leads Hispanic Life Initiative

May 12 Liberty Counsel Co-Sponsors Israel Solidarity Event

May 9 Abortion is The Real War on Women

May 8 DCF Director Resigns After Missing Child's Body is Found

May 7 Dr. James Dobson Beats ObamaCare Abortion Mandate


May 6 Colorado Aborts Pro-Choice Bill


May 5 Judge Says Ohio Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages


May 2 Hear Justina's Heartbreaking Note Secretly Slipped to her Parents


May 1 The Power of Prayer and Repentance


April 30 Coach Under Fire for "Pushing" Christianity


April 29 VA and KY Colleges Limit Free Speech

April 28 Liberty Counsel Launches 12th Annual Graduation Prayer Campaign


April 25 Well-known Psychiatrist Meets with Pelletiers


April 24 Alabama Court Rules That "Child" Applies to the Unborn


April 23 Arkansas Fights for 12-Week Abortion Ban


April 22 Is a Christian Publisher Now Publishing Anti-Biblical Books?


April 21 Christian Detained and Arrested for "Mischief" in Canada


April 18 School Censors Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club


April 17 Pelletiers File Habeas Corpus to Free Justina


April 16 Appeals Court Bans Worship in Schools


April 15 Do We Now Live Under a "Judicialocracy"


April 14 Obama Advances Gender Confusion through Personnel Rules


April 11 Supreme Court Declines Wedding Photographer


April 10 Help stop DCF's Torment of Justina Pelletier

April 9 The Intolerance Left Exposed

April 8 Justina Pelletier Case's  Emergency Appeal


April 7 Beware of the So-Called "Experts"


April 4 Judges Uphold the Protection of Life in Texas


April 3 How are Churches Different from Non-Profits?


April 2 Transgender Man Preys on Women in Toronto Shelters


April 1 World Vision to Hire People Involved in Same-Sex "Marriages"



Recent Faith and Freedom Weekend Editions


May 24 Right-to-Life Triumphs and Victories


May 17 U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Athiests' Prayer Ban


May 10 Update on Justina Pelletier


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