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Are petitions and fax campaigns effective? Read our statement.

How do I find my Senators and Representatives? Our home page has a "Petitions" section that allows you to contact your Congressional leaders or you may write to your Representative or Senator.

Is there a separation of church and state? Read article

Why don't all the religious liberty legal groups merge? Read article

Can churches be involved in political activities such as promoting candidates or lobbying? Read Legal Memorandum

Do you have a list of political activities of which churches and pastors may participate? Read Legal Memorandum     Read list

How do we incorporate and become a 501(c)(3)? Since incorporation is governed by state law, you will need to find out the requirements by contacting whatever department that governs corporations in your state. Information on how a corporation can be recognized as a 501(c)(3) is available from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS also has other information relevant to nonprofit tax issues.

How does the Religious Land Use law help churches with zoning problems? Read article

More Resources on Pastors, Churches and Political Activity

Why do we need a Federal Marriage Amendment? Protect Marriage

What can I do to oppose the same-sex marriage agenda? Protect Marriage

Can the school require my child to perform community service? Read article

What rights do public school students have to express their religious beliefs at school? Read article

Can students have religious clubs on public school campuses? Read Legal Memorandum

What are the rules for private groups that want to use public property? Read article

Can creation science be taught in public schools? Read article

Do public school teachers have the right to express their faith? Read article


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