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An informative and inspiring 60-second weekday radio program providing commentary and a quick synopsis of the laws and issues involving religious civil liberties. The program will educate you on First Amendment issues and will encourage you to take a stand for your rights. Freedom’s Call is aired throughout the country on various radio stations and networks.

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Recent Programs

April 30 Colorado Citizens Support the Unborn

April 29 Is Expressing Religious Beliefs Bullying?

April 28 Justina Pelletier is being Tortured

April 25 Tolerance is a One Way Street in Portland Oregon

April 24 Christian Professor Wins Legal Battle

April 23 Illinois Legislators Stand Against LGBT Activists to Protect Children

April 22 Arkansas Attorney General Fights for the Unborn

April 21 Liberty Counsel Fights for Fair Play

April 18 Justina Pelletier’s Family Files Habeas Corpus

April 17 Fifth Grader’s Religious Liberty Compromised at Graduation

April 16 Students Do Not Leave their Religious Rights at the Bus Stop

April 15 Obama Removes Restroom Privacy for Federal Workers

April 14 Liberty Counsel Defends Virginia Marriage Amendment

April 11 Mississippi Passes Bill Protecting Religious Freedom

April 10 Opposition to Internet Gambling on the Rise

April 9 Texas Court Defends Legislation Protecting Women

April 8 ObamaCare is the Biggest Abortion Funding Scheme Ever

April 7 Day of Silence Walkout: Stand for Sexual Integrity

April 4 Justice Sotomayor Likens Abortions to Vaccinations and Blood Transfusions

April 3 Liberty Counsel Helping Students Have a Voice in Public School

April 2 Texas Winning Fight to Protect Women and the Unborn

April 1 Liberty Counsel Salutes Alabama Police Chief

March 31 Liberty Counsel Defends Cadet’s Religious Liberties

March 28 A Contempt of Court Motion is Filed against Massachusetts DCF

March 27 Supreme Court Hears Argument in Hobby Lobby Case

March 26 Why Do Women get Abortions?

March 25 Be Salt and Light Churches

March 24 Government Hostility Towards Religion Fulling the Fire of Christianity

March 21 The Underlying Goal Of Same-Sex Marriage Is Destruction

March 20 America Was Built on Prayer

March 19 Atheists Target Another War Memorial

March 18 Bill to Ban Dismembering of Unborn Babies Shot Down

March 17 Black Pastors Call to Impeach Eric Holder

March 14 Single Judge Overturns Votes of 76% of Texans on Same-Sex Marriage

March 13 NYC Abortion Rate of Black Babies Exceeds the Birth Rate

March 12 Oregon Attorney General Abandons State's Marriage Amendment

March 11 There has never been a more Important Time to Stand with Israel

March 10 West Virginia House Passes Bill Protecting the Unborn

March 7 Gov. Brewer Vetoed Bill Protecting Religious Freedom

March 6 Massachusetts DCF will Return Justina to Tufts Medical Center

March 5 First Amendment is the Only Permission Slip Needed for Prayer

March 4 Same-Sex Marriage Poses Threats to Religious Freedom

March 3 Instead of Complaining Get Involved

February 28 Student Pro-Life Group Exposes Planned Parenthood Agenda

February 27 We Must Remain Vigilant

February 26 More Northeast Families Stay Together

February 25 Maryland Legislators Protect Children against LGBT Agenda

February 24 Activist Kentucky Judge Strikes Down State’s Marriage Law

February 21 Virginia Judge Ignores “We the People” and Overturns Marriage Law

February 20 Abortion Rate at an All Time Low

February 19 Wisconsin Superintendent Denies Religious Rights to a Student Bible Club

February 18 Oregon Ballots Offer Businesses a New Religious Exemption

February 17 Atheists Threaten Graduation Prayer, Liberty Counsel Intervenes

February 14 Day of Purity Challenges Cultural Definition of Intimacy

February 13 Marriage is the Solution to Income Equality

February 12 California to Target Nonprofits?

February 11 Change Therapy Ban Dies in Virginia House

February 10 Catholic School Sued for Not Hiring a Homosexual

February 7 Day of Purity Challenges Cultural Definition of Intimacy

February 6 A Vast Majority of Americans Support Restricting Abortion

February 5 Another Business Loses Fight Over Servicing a Same-Sex Wedding

February 4 A Public School Teacher Tells Student to Leave His Bible at Home

February 3 Liberty Counsel Asks Supreme Court to Invalidate the Abortion Mandate

January 31 Virginia Attorney General Abandons Natural Marriage

January 30 Liberty Counsel to Premiere Its First Feature Film, Uncommon

January 29 New Study Supports Liberty Counsel’s Call to End HHS Mandate

January 28 City of Pueblo, Colorado, Reverses an Unconstitutional Restriction

January 27 President Uses IRS  to Silence Conservative Organizations

January 24 Two Abortion Clinics Close in the first Two Weeks of 2014

January 23 Supreme Court Justice Compares Abortion Clinic to Slaughter House

January 22 Americans March for Life on the Anniversary of Roe v Wade

January 21 Americans Understand Children Need a Mom and a Dad

January 20 Officials Concerned about Abortion Politics, Not Women’s Safety

January 17 Gov Christie Blocking More than Bridges

January 16 Why Do Women get Abortions?

January 15 Your Defense of the Unborn is Working

January 14 Former Abortionists Explains Why She is now Pro-Life

January 13 Young People are Responding to the Message of Sexual Purity

January 10 Obama Administration Opposes Little Sisters of the Poor

January 9 Supreme Court Overrides Utah Judge and Puts Same-Sex Marriages on Hold

January 8 Government Hostility Spurs Religious Growth

January 7 Most Believe Abortion is Morally Wrong

January 6 IRS is Still Targeting Conservatives

January 3 No Permission Slip Needed to Pray

January 2 We Must Remain Vigilant

January 1 Satanists Want to Erect Monument at Oklahoma Capitol

December 31 Liberty Counsel Defends the Family Unit Nationwide in 2013

December 30 Will President Obama Use Our Tax Dollars to Fund Overseas Abortions?

December 27 Secularists are Admitting that Porn Ruins Relationships

December 26 Gov. Bryant Warns President Not to Interfere with Mississippi Schools

December 25 Christmas is the Birth of Liberty

December 24 In God We Still Trust

December 23 Federal Judge Opens Door to Polygamy

December 20 Nativity Scenes on Public Property are Constitutional

December 19 Three Grinches Who Stole Christmas

December 18 Liberty Counsel Launches Christmas Campaign

December 17 Military Bonuses Just for Homosexuals

December 16 Be Salt and Light Churches


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