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An informative and inspiring 60-second weekday radio program providing commentary and a quick synopsis of the laws and issues involving religious civil liberties. The program will educate you on First Amendment issues and will encourage you to take a stand for your rights. Freedom’s Call is aired throughout the country on various radio stations and networks.

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Recent Programs

September 04 Heroes Choose to Act

September 03 Planned Parenthood Protests Explode Nationwide

September 02 Student Fights School to Start a Pro-Life Club

September 01 Liberty Counsel Fights for Doctor’s Right to State Medical Facts

August 31 Kentucky Bans Prison Minister for Christian Views

August 28 Ohio Board Discards Religious Freedom for Judges

August 27 Mississippi Voter Supported School Choice

August 26 Maine Reduces Involvement in Common Core

August 25 Five States Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

August 24 Liberty Counsel Fights for Kentucky Clerk’s Religious Freedom

August 21 Liberty Counsel is Training Up New Leaders

August 20 The History of Injustice

August 19 Will You Join Us In Pushing Liberty Forward?

August 18 What Are Your Kids Learning This School Year?

August 17 Justice A Year And A Half Late

August 14 Is Biblical Morality Hateful?

August 13 Doctor Banned for Speaking Against Homosexual Behavior

August 12 Judge Denies Pharmacist's Religious Objections to Murder

August 11 Boy Scouts Embrace Homosexual Scout Leadership

August 10 Kentucky Juvenile Department Bans Biblical Counseling

August 07 Pornography Is Devastating Our Children

August 06 Will You Fight Against Planned Parenthood?

August 05 Kentucky Clerk of Courts Fights for Religious Liberty

August 04 Planned Parenthood Illegally Negotiates Selling Aborted Babies

August 03 Texas Clerk Refuses to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

July 31 Can A Secularized America Survive?

July 30 Should Pastors Be Involved in Politics?

July 29 Should Christians Be Politically Active?

July 28 America Needs to Invite God Back into the Public Schools

July 27 Virtue is the Pedestal of Liberty

July 24 For God and Country

July 23 Do You Want to Protect Florists and Bakers?

July 22 Quarterback Promises Purity Before Marriage

July 21 ISIS is Cutting Off Water to Refugees

July 20 Unlicensed Abortionist Operates Seven Abortion Clinics

July 17 Canadian Courts Deny Accreditation to Law School over Homosexuality

July 16 Oregon Commissioner Gags Christians

July 15 Massachusetts Library Ignores Legal Precedent

July 14 Texas Clerk Vows to Stand for Natural Marriage

July 13 Department of Justice Pushes Girl into Boys Bathroom

July 10 Kentucky Council Blocks a Cross Monument

July 09 Bringing Religious Freedom to the Library

July 08 Homosexual Fakes Support by Defaming Local Churches 

July 07 Student Bullied by Anti-Religious Wisconsin Professor 

July 06 Five Lawyers Now Kings in Our Country?

July 03 Helping Persecuted Christians Around The World

July 02 Reaching Your School For Christ

July 01 It Is Time to Replace the Muzzle with a Megaphone

June 30 Can A Secularized America Survive?

June 29 Trail Life USA: A Conservative Alternative to Boy Scouts

June 26 Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good, and Good Evil

June 25 Boy Scouts Embrace Homosexual Leadership

June 24 Obama is Forcing Faith-Based Groups to Hire Homosexuals

June 23 Abortion Ban after 20 Weeks Overturned in Idaho

June 22 Did You Know The Abortion Drug Process Can Be Reversed?

June 19 Happy Father's Day from Liberty Counsel!

June 18 Where Do Our Liberties Come From?  God or Government?

June 17 Being Salt and Light Means Resisting Sin and Darkness

June 16 Be a Light in a Dark World

June 15 Young Lesbians Harass Christian Family

June 12 Same-Sex Marriage Will Abolish Civil Rights

June 11 Liberty Counsel Offer Pro-Bono Representation to Major General

June 10 Atheists Want Air Force General Court Martialed for Sharing His Faith

June 09 Liberty Counsel Defends Christian Magistrates

June 08 Magistrates Go to Court Over Same-Sex Weddings

June 05 Families are the Bedrock of our Society and Culture

June 04 Virtue is the Pedestal of Liberty

June 03 America Needs to Return to Our Moral and Spiritual Foundations

June 02 The Underlying Goal Of Same-Sex Marriage Is Destructive

June 01 Obamacare Faces Another Legal Hurdle

May 29 Abortion Lobbyists Fight Against Medicine

May 28 Reaching Your School For Christ

May 27 Help Persecuted Christians Across The World

May 26 Students Suspended for Bullying About Chick-fil-A

May 25 How Are You Celebrating Memorial Day

May 22 Happy Memorial Weekend to You

May 21 A Cup of Cold Water in Christ's Name

May 20 Will There Be Prayer At Graduation?

May 19 A Life-Changing College Student Experience in Israel for only $500

May 18 Marxist Professor Bullies Christian Student

May 15 The Freedom of Religion vs. The Freedom of Worship

May 14 Colorado Bill Seeks to Protect Unborn Life

May 13 Library Sued for Banning Religious Meetings

May 12 God’s Laws on Marriage Supersede Man’s Laws

May 11 Faith Community Warns Supreme Court Not to Mess with Marriage

May 8 A Mother's Love is Beautiful

May 7 The American Path to Persecution of Christians

May 6 Join Believers Tomorrow for the National Day of Prayer

May 5 Students Do Not Shed Their Religious Rights At The Schoolhouse Gate

May 4 How Would You Lovingly Discuss the Cost of Homosexuality

May 1 Second State Bans Abortions by Dismemberment

April 30 Maine Drops Food Stamp Use By 80 Percent

April 29 How Can You Help Stop the Terror of ISIS?

April 28 The High Court Shuts Down Abortion Mandate, Again

April 27 Will Children Be Imprisoned by Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions?

April 24 Colorado Cake Baker Appeals Discriminatory Ruling

April 23 Are Public School Students Allowed to Pray at Graduation

April 22 Baby Eli Faces all Odds

April 21 Christian Camp Fliers Distributed by School

April 20 Liberty Counsel Protects Christian Day-Care

April 17 Missouri City Voters Reverse Homosexual Ordinance

April 16 Discussing the Damage of Homosexuality

April 15 Training Kids up for Life

April 14 Informed Consent Required Regarding Abortion Reversal

April 13 American Churches Stand With Natural Marriage

April 10 Pizza or Cake - Homosexual Marriage Hypocracy

April 09 Colorado Woman Avoids Murder Charge for Cutting Out Unborn Child

April 08 California University Kicks Fraternity Off-Campus… for being Christian

April 07 Planned Parenthood Gets $1.5 Billion Taxpayer Dollars in Three Years 

April 06 Indiana Governor Protects Religious Freedom

April 03 Liberty Counsel Defends Marriage in Puerto Rico

April 02 Support Marriage in your Community

April 01 Will You Promote Homosexuality on the Day of Silence?

March 31 Heather Speaks Against Two Mommies

March 30 Wedding Videographer is Standing Up for Marriage

March 27 WV School Bans Students Prayer

March 26 ObamaCare Revisited: Five Years Later

March 25 Planet Fitness Open Bathroom Policy

March 24 Air Force Ban on Blessing

March 23 The Importance of Israel

March 20 Teacher Punished For Facebook Comment

March 19 Alabama Saves Marriage

March 18 Charities Forced to Refer Refugees to Abortion Clinics

March 17 Police Officer Fired for not Promoting Homosexual Parade

March 16 Florida City Sends Spies into Church

March 13 Prayer in Congress Under Assault

March 12 The Benham Brothers are coming to The Awakening!

March 11 Is Religious Liberty Outdated?

March 10 Abortion Rate at an All Time Low

March 09 Americans Understand Children Need a Mom and a Dad

March 06 No Permission Slip Needed to Pray

March 05 We Must Remain Vigilant

March 04 Liberty Counsel Regains Student's Freedom of Speech

March 03 The Awakening 2015 is Coming to Orlando!

March 02 Can You Join in Prayer for Life?

February 27 Join in 'Saving Lives Worldwide'

February 26 Judges on Defense for Discarding Marriage

February 25 Can Christian Ministries Fire Employees Based on Their Beliefs?

February 24 Has America Lost the War on Poverty?

February 23 Atheist Group Attacks Air Force Sergeant

February 20 Liberty Counsel Defends Harassed Student

February 19 Children Need a Mom and a Dad

February 18 Liberty Counsel Defends Magistrates Facing Jail

February 17 Homeowner Association Challenges Religious Freedom of Neighbor

February 16 Another Case for Marriage

February 13 Doctors in Canada Allowed to Kill Patients

February 12 Liberty Counsel Defends Alabama Probate Judges

February 11 Pregnant Mom, Diagnosed with Cancer, Refuses Abortion

February 10 President Obama Outraged that Israeli Prime Minister Will Speak to Congress

February 9 Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Free Speech on College Campus

February 6 Puerto Rico-born Congressman First to Leave Left-leaning Republican Caucus

February 5 Twelve Year Old Rape Victim Chooses Life

February 4 Our Nation’s “Marriage” Quagmire

February 3 House Permanently Bans Federal Money for Abortion

February 2 Is the Expression “For God and Country” Christian Extremism?

January 30 Pastors Take Action to Protect Their Church from LGBT Activists

January 29 School Board Protects Privacy of All Students

January 28 Police Target a Sidewalk Counselor

January 27 Congress Challenges Planned Parenthood Funding

January 26 Tell Atlanta’s Leadership to Stop the Anti-Christian Persecution

January 23 Atlanta Fire Chief’s Career Up In Smoke Over His Christian Faith

January 22 Americans March for Life on the Anniversary of Roe v Wade

January 21 Join Me at the Annual March for Life!

January 20 New Congress Moves to Protect Life

January 19 Another City Rescinds Special Rights for Homosexuals

January 16 EEOC Upholds Religious Liberty of a Public School Teacher

January 15 The Underlying Goal Of Same-Sex Marriage Is Destruction

January 14 Human Rights Campaign Founder Charged with Sexually Abusing a Minor

January 13 School Choice – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

January 12 Is Wisconsin the Model for Education Reform?

January 9 God is the Author of Liberty

January 8 Can Private Citizens Display Religious Symbols in a Public Park?

January 7 Should Christians Become Involved in Politics?

January 6 Why is Equal Access Important?

January 5 Can Students Express Their Faith at School?

January 2 What Are the Rules Governing Equal Access?

January 1 Students Across America Say Enough is Enough!

December 31 Make an Important New Year’s Resolution

December 30 Is there Hope Amidst a Debased Culture?

December 29 Every Nonprofit and Church Organization in America is Threatened

December 26 Liberty Counsel Restores Religious Freedom in Our Public Schools

December 25 Liberty Counsel Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas!

December 24 Blessings from Liberty Counsel on this Christmas Eve

December 23 Another Year of Victories Defending Life

December 22 Liberty Counsel Continues to Advance Religious Freedom

December 19 Liberty Counsel Advances Religious Freedom

December 18 Liberty Counsel Saves a School Christmas Program

December 17 Religious Leaders Gather in Support of Marriage

December 16 If Only We Could Throw ObamaCare Into the Boston Harbor

December 15 What Do The Ferguson Riots Teach Us?

December 12 Human Rights Campaign Founder Charged with Sexually Abusing a Minor

December 11 Religious Liberty Denied to After School Group

December 10 School District Sued Over 'Under God' In Pledge of Allegiance

December 9 Can Children Distribute Religious Christmas Cards in Public School?

December 8 Christmas Carols are not Banned from Public Schools

December 5 Liberty Counsel Launches Annual Naughty and Nice List

December 4 School Choice – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

December 3 Obama Kills Chance for Immigration Reform

December 2 Don’t be Fooled by the Myth of the Separation of Church and State

December 1 Prayer Can Be the Turning Point

November 28 This Black Friday, is there Celebration or Censorship?

November 27 Giving Thanks For God’s Grace in America

November 26 Celebrate the True Meaning of Thanksgiving Day

November 25 School District Removes All Religious Holidays from Calendar

November 24 Is Wisconsin the Model for Education Reform?

November 21 Travel to Israel With Us on May 17-26!

November 20 Tax Payer Dollars Should Never be Used to Fund Abortion

November 19 Liberty Counsel Calls on the New Senate to Protect the Unborn

November 18 Americans Have Voted In a Pro-Life Senate

November 17 Denver Post Bans Christmas Cards

November 14 Catholic Law School Protected from Abortion Contraception Mandate

November 13 California Forcing Churches to Cover Abortion

November 12 Liberty Counsel Stands by High School Chorus Bullied by ACLU

November 11 Military Tells Christians Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

November 10 Stand Your Ground

November 7 Would-be Abortionists Shocked at the Violence

November 6 Traditional Marriage Upheld in Puerto Rico

November 5 Fraudulent Challenge to Voter Guide Dismissed

November 4 Today, When You Vote, Vote Your Values

November 3 Stand Your Post

October 31 TLC Censors TV Show "19 Kids and Counting"

October 30 Abortionist Shares Her Experiences

October 29 Ministers Facing Jail Time and Fines for Not Performing Same-sex Marriage

October 28 Gov. Christie Change Theory Bans Precedes High School Hazing Scandal 

October 27 Homosexual Rights Threatens At Risk Youth

October 24 Modern Day Abolitionist Sits on the Alabama Supreme Court

October 23 Christian Support of Israel In Decline

October 22 School Stands Up to Atheist Demands

October 21 Liberty Counsel Offers Pro-Bono Representation to Houston Pastors

October 20 LC Successfully Defends Homeowners

October 17 What does a Biblical Worldview have to do with Voting

October 16 Does a Biblical Worldview Matter?

October 15 Destruction of our Nation from Within

October 14 The Supreme Court Gives Silent Nod to Same-Sex Marriage

October 13 Young People March in Rome

October 10 Celebrating America's Hispanic History

October 9 Obama Administration Censors Media Pool Reports

October 8 Supreme Court Justice Wrong on Abortion

October 7 Liberty Counsel Successfully Defends Christian Business Owner

October 6 Liberty Counsel Celebrates National Hispanic Month

October 3 GAO Report Reveals ObamaCare is Funding Over 1,000 Abortion Plans

October 2 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Violates Judicial Code of Conduct

October 1 Liberty Counsel Fights Religious Intolerance from Home Owners’ Association

September 30 ASU Permits Crosses on Football Helmets

September 29 Liberty Counsel Defends Church’s Rights in Amicus Brief

September 26 Change Therapy May Go to Supreme Court

September 25 GAO Report Reveals ObamaCare is Funding Abortion

September 24 ASU Football Players Harassed

September 23 Unconstitutional Discrimination Against Booster Club

September 22 America Has Lost the War on Poverty

September 19 Liberty Counsel Defends National Motto

September 18 Christian Business Owner Refuses to Bow to Atheist Threats

September 17 Indiana Governor and State Officials Stand Up to Atheist Group

September 16 Don’t be Fooled by the Myth of the Separation of Church and State

September 15 What’s Wrong with the “Ice Bucket Challenge”?

September 12 We Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner

September 11 The Islamic State is Planning an Attack on America

September 10 Prayer Can Be the Turning Point

September 9 The U.S. Abortion Rate Continues to Drop

September 8 Louisiana Governor Sues Obama Administration

September 5 Redefinition of Marriage is Hurting Children

September 4 Families are Important to the Upbringing of Children

September 3 Welfare of Children Should Always Trump the Desires of Adults

September 2 Skype Abortions Illegal in Iowa

September 1 Here Is Your Chance to Help Your Brothers and Sisters in Iraq

August 29 Pastors and Churches Must Take a Stand

August 28 Vote Your Values. Revive the American Dream.

August 27 Inspector Generals Say Obama Administration is Blocking

August 26 If Bible Speaks on Today’s Issues, Why Don’t Pastors?

August 25 Navy Changes Course. Anchors Aweigh, Not Bibles.

August 22 Christian Students Have Equal Access in Public Schools

August 21 Americans Are Fed Up

August 20 Christians Hold the Keys to America's Future

August 19 Scientist Fired for Finding Evidence Supporting Creationism

August 18 Thank You for Locking Shields with Our Allies in Israel

August 15 Now is the Time to Pray for the Persecuted Church

August 14 Even The Arab World Grows Tired Of Hamas

August 13 Homosexual Activist Attack Christian Businessman on Social Media

August 12 Homosexual Activists Aim to Shut Down Pennsylvania Wedding Venue

August 11 More than a Smidgen of Corruption Found in Lois Lerner Emails

August 8 Activist Judges Overturn Law that Protects Women

August 7 Does the Spirit of the American Revolution Still Live?

August 6 Liberty Counsel Offers Pro-Bono Representation to Gordon College

August 5 UPenn Professor Says Christian Colleges Do Not Deserve

August 4 Beware of the Spiral of Silence

August 1 Liberty Counsel Educating Pastors and Churches

July 31 Justina Pelletier Tells Her Story on Capitol Hill

July 30 'Christians in Defense of Israel' Joins the Liberty Counsel family!

July 29 Obama is at Odds with the U.S. Constitution

July 28 Internet is Still for We the People

July 25 Senate Sets Sites on State ProLife Laws

July 24 Obama Puts Homosexual Rights Over Children’s Innocence

July 23 Church Called to Arise and Go!

July 22 Supreme Court Defends Individual Liberties

July 21 The Supreme Court Sides with Limited Government

July 18 ENDA Hurts Children

July 17 Supreme Court Unanimously Supports Sidewalk Counselors

July 16 Liberty Counsel Defends Children and Families at New Jersey Appeals Court

July 15 Laws Defining Natural Marriage are Compassionate Public Policy

July 14 Two Days in Court Protecting Florida Marriage Amendment

July 11 It Is Time to Replace the Muzzle With a Megaphone

July 10 Is Your Child Walking in the Counsel of the Ungodly?

July 9 Can the Case for Marriage Win?

July 8 Then and Now, We Must Proclaim Liberty

July 7 Does the Spirit of the American Revolution Still Live?

July 4 The Fourth of July is a Solemn Reminder of the Sacrifice of Many

July 3 God is the Author of our Liberty

July 2 Justina Pelletier's Case is an Example of What’s Wrong with America

July 1 Thank You for Your Prayers for Justina Pelletier


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