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  • Contact Liberty Counsel if your church or other organization wants to launch a Christmas campaign in your town. We have sample ads. Churches may call 434-582-2432 to have the National Liberty Journal’s graphics department place the church’s name on the ad free of charge.

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candy caneRonald Reagan talked about how the words of religious Christmas carols were changed in the former Soviet Union - Click here to read the script.

candy caneRidgeway Elementary School in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, has now dumped "Cold in the Night" from its "winter program" and will use the traditional song "Silent Night" instead. Read the story here.

candy caneOn December 13, 2005, the Wellington, Florida City Council voted unanimously to include a nativity scene alongside a Christmas tree and a Menorah. Read the story and see the photo of the nativity here.

candy caneAs discussed by Mat Staver on Hannity and Colmes - Read about the Boston Christmas tree that is donated every year by Nova Scotia. Boston's press release claimed it was a "holiday tree," but after pressure from Liberty Counsel, the City agreed to call the tree a "Christmas tree." Read our Liberty Alert -- Boston Concedes that "Holiday Tree" is a Christmas Tree

candy caneLiberty Alert about Dr. Jerry Falwell and churches joining our Christmas Campaign in 2005

candy caneLiberty Alert about Christian Educators Association joining our Christmas Campaign in 2005

candy caneLiberty Alert about our Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign in 2004

candy caneArticle from 2003, entitled, DON’T LET THE "GRINCH" STEAL THIS CHRISTMAS - Liberty Counsel Goes on the Offensive to Defend Christmas Celebrations

candy caneIn December 2004, Anchorage Baptist Temple joined Liberty Counsel to launch a "Friend or Foe" Christmas Campaign in Alaska. The church placed a newspaper ad in the Anchorage Daily News on December 9, 2004, about the campaign. The church also developed radio and television spots.

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Legal Memorandum to Government Officials About Observing Christmas


A complete 19-page Memorandum on Nativity Scenes and Other Religious Symbols on Public Property -- perfect for sharing with public school officials in your area -- is available in our online store - click here and select the "Memos and Brochures" category.

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