Stories of Hope

Despite incredible violence and suffering all around, small miracles are taking place — in large part because of the continued support of believers here in the United States.

Liberty Relief International has focused our efforts on helping the youngest victims of religious persecution, the children. Right now in the Middle East there are more than 500,000 displaced children being preyed upon by ISIS and other radical Islamists. Liberty Relief International, along with our supported partners, are working diligently to provide these vulnerable boys and girls a safe place to learn and grow in the love of Jesus

“Chandra” is ministry worker in one of Liberty Relief International’s support networks. She recently ventured to the frontlines of the horror in Iraq, and relayed the following report. In it she witnesses how your support is bringing hope and healing to Iraqi children whose lives have been upended by ISIS violence:

“During my visit, I was able to spend some time with children in their ‘child-friendly rooms’ and designated areas. Here boys and girls who have experienced conflict and trauma can go to play games, eat snacks, make friends, read and learn about faith… These children, who once were struggling with fear and overwhelmed with sadness, were beginning to laugh and play with others.

“I was particularly encouraged by the relationships that I could see had developed between our field staff and the displaced children living in the camps. One counselor shared how ‘the child spaces’ focus on a simple goal of reclaiming their lost childhood, by investing in them, loving them, and providing them with a reason to hope…

“Several children led me from their area to their homes — a series of small trailers surrounding a church. They excitedly introduced me to their parents and their brothers and sisters. I was grateful to have been given a glimpse into their world, and was struck by the impact these ‘child-friendly rooms’ are having on their lives — connecting them to each other, empowering them, and in the midst of displacement and misery, giving them a powerful sense of hope.”

In addition to creating these safe havens for boys and girls to grow and learn, our partners in the Middle East provide trauma counseling to children displaced by ISIS terrorists. Through your support, they are able to address emotional, physical, and spiritual needs as well.
But with hundreds of thousands of displaced children spread out across the region, the need for additional “child-friendly rooms” is staggering, and we need your help to help them.

Together we can provide safe, secure places for children to learn and grow  free from ISIS violence and control. Your generous gift today can help Liberty Relief International and our network of partners create additional “rooms” to comfort the hearts and minds of young boys and girls affected by ISIS violence.

These children and their families are looking to Christians here in America for help. Would you be one who steps forward to help them today?

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