The Most Significant Curriculum Decision Ever Rendered

May 6, 2005

Yesterday's ruling by a Maryland federal court which blocked the entire homosexual sex education curriculum is the most significant curriculum decision ever rendered. This is the first successful federal constitutional challenge to such curriculum. In an article entitled "Future Shock" published in the pro-homosexual magazine, The Advocate, Patricia Warren once wrote: "Whoever captures the youth owns the future." Yesterday's decision snatched our youth out of the jaws of a radical homosexual agenda.

The emergency restraining order came just in time, since the curriculum was scheduled to begin today. We are thrilled with the judge's ruling, and we thank God that our children will not become mere human experiments of a radical sex education curriculum.

My Experience with Dr. Phil

I learned of the court's ruling just before boarding my flight from Los Angeles back to Orlando. Yesterday I was on the Dr. Phil show for the second time in a month. Each time, Dr. Phil devoted the entire hour to our case involving Linda Kantaras. I have quickly realized the enormous popularity of Dr. Phil. Prior to my first appearance, I was invited to speak at a conference for Child Evangelism Fellowship. While seated at a table, someone mentioned that I had recently argued the Ten Commandments case before the United States Supreme Court. Then another person said that I was going to appear on the Dr. Phil show. That's when everyone gasped with awe and asked if they could snap my picture. The Supreme Court was great, but Dr. Phil - well, the nine Justices walk in his shadow! Dr. Phil seems genuinely concerned about people long after the camera lights dim. 

Child Evangelism Fellowship International Conference

After getting home after midnight (this morning), I got a couple hours sleep and caught an early morning flight to North Carolina, where I will deliver the keynote address tonight to delegates from across the country and 40 nations at the international conference of Child Evangelism Fellowship. A few weeks ago I attended a strategy session at CEF's headquarters in Missouri to finalize a five-year plan to have a Good News Club in every public school in America. I challenge each of you to be a part of this exciting opportunity. To learn more, call our office at 1-800-671-1776 or CEF at 1-800-300-4033.

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