Covenant Journey Opens 2018 Applications

Jul 17, 2017

ORLANDO, FL – Covenant Journey announced it will open applications the week of July 24 for the next year of Covenant Journey life-changing experiences in Israel. Covenant Journey is for Christian college-age students with leadership potential. The mission of Covenant Journey is to strengthen the students’ Christian faith and equip them to be goodwill ambassadors for Israel. Students participate in an immersive experience, visiting biblical and historical sites as well as modern Israel. Praise and worship and powerful spiritual teaching enhance the experience. 

Covenant Journey offers Christian college-age students who have leadership potential a life-changing 10-day experience in Israel for only $500. Participating students have come from hundreds of small and large Christian, private, and public colleges and universities, including Ivy League schools, covering every professional and educational spectrum. Covenant Journey alumni are also offered internship opportunities in Israel and the United States, including Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida. 

“The impact of a Covenant Journey experience in Israel is beyond our original expectation,” said Mat Staver, Founder and President of Covenant Journey. “Many Covenant Journey alumni say this experience was the most impactful experience in their lives. Their Christian faith is strengthened and their knowledge and love for Israel is ignited,” said Staver.

The Covenant Journey tour accepts applications from college-age students who (1) are Christians, (2) have leadership potential, and (3) have some level of support for, or interest in, Israel. College students selected for the tour pay only a $500 registration fee. Everything else is covered by Covenant Journey, including flights from the United States to Tel Aviv, hotel, three meals a day, luxury bus, experienced tour guide, speakers, and all entrance fees. The next journey begins on January 2018.

“The impact of Covenant Journey on the lives of Christian millennials is far beyond what we imagined. It is hard to describe. You just have to experience it,” said Staver. 

Covenant Journey began in 2011 and launched its first student experience in 2014. Covenant Journey has offices in Florida and Washington, DC. Applicants must apply online. The Covenant Journey website is, and the phone number is 407-875-1967.