Stuart Does More House Cleaning in Supreme Court

Nov 4, 2016

MONTGOMERY, AL – In an apparent attempt to remove any personnel associated with Chief Justice Roy Moore, Acting Justice Lyn Stuart has terminated two additional employees of the Court. The Administrative Director of Courts and the Administrative Office of Courts’ legal counsel, who were hired by and previously worked for Chief Justice Moore during his first term, were fired without notice yesterday by Stuart, despite the pending appeal of the case. 

The Acting Justice previously terminated Chief Justice Moore’s three staff attorneys. In addition, Stuart demanded the Chief Justice remove all his personal items from his office and removed his name from the Supreme Court letterhead.

Chief Justice Moore has filed an appeal of the decision issued by the Court of the Judiciary on September 30 to suspend him for the remainder of his term, which runs through January 2019. The Chief Justice also filed a motion to recuse four of the current Alabama Supreme Court justices and three former justices who sat by designation in his May 2016 petition regarding the Judicial Inquiry Commission. He also issued a statement asking the Court to unseal the case that underlies his motion.

“Justice Lyn Stuart's actions are disturbing because this case is on appeal but she is acting like the case has been decided. Does she know something we don't? Considering all the irregularities that have transpired thus far it makes you wonder," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The hostile treatment of Chief Justice Moore, the demand he remove his personal effects and the abrupt termination of five people raises serious concerns. Justice Stuart is telegraphing to the special court how she expects them to rule. This is inappropriate,” said Staver.

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