Profiteering Off Little Children

Nov 5, 2019

The incredible revelations keep coming. David Daleiden, the colleague of our client, Sandra Merritt, took the stand last week and gave the court stunning information. His testimony showed the Planned Parenthood was willing to “move forward” with a plan to sell aborted baby livers for an exorbitant fee.

Planned Parenthood thought it was putting Sandra and her associates on trial. Instead, the abortion giant is facing the music as its heinous trade in human organs cut or torn from the babies it kills comes to light at trial.

We’re in week six of this marathon trial with another one or two weeks to go. It’s the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel history And costs are piling up in this lengthy, complex trial. The trial alone will have a price tag into the high six figures.

Planned Parenthood is fighting to repair its tattered reputation—and to do that it’s out to crush pro-life hero Sandra Merritt. Please give now to help us defend Sandra in the most important pro-life legal battle in a generation.

How much for aborted baby livers? See below. -Mat

Planned Parenthood’s greedy eagerness to “make a killing” by selling human organs taken from tiny babies came out in David Daleiden’s disturbing testimony last week.

David testified in court that he and Sandra Merritt—posing as fetal parts buyers—met with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston. Afterwards, the Planned Parenthood affiliate indicated it was willing to “move forward” with a plan to sell livers from aborted children for $750 each.

David told the court that he sent Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast a draft contract for “750 per fetal liver.” He later learned, he testified, that an administrator at the massive six-story Houston abortion facility “forwarded that contract to her supervisor and said she wanted to move forward with it.”

+  +  Sick and twisted

Federal law bans payments beyond “reasonable” costs having to do with the “transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, or storage of human fetal tissue.”

It’s sick and twisted to sell baby body parts. But to charge 750 dollars is outrageous all by itself.

And that exorbitant fee directly contradicts then-Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

After the explosive undercover videos exposing the abortion chain came out in 2015, Richards claimed that the abortion chain “makes zero profit on any fetal tissue donation.”

Any reimbursement, she said, is for “simply costs.”

750 dollars in costs?

Planned Parenthood not only sells baby body parts. It also lies about it.

David’s stunning testimony in court matches what Melissa Farrell, director of research at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, told him and Sandra in 2015 when they met her while posing as fetal tissue buyers.

+  +  Padding the "bottom line" with baby body parts

In the meeting, caught on hidden camera, Farrell told Sandra and David the sale of fetal body parts boosts Planned Parenthood’s “revenue stream.”

Farrell emphasized that her organization has “been doing research for many, many years.” She boasted about the dollars her department takes in.

“My department contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization. . . . Our research department is the largest in the Unites States, larger than any of the other affiliates combined.”

Farrell also told Sandra and David Planned Parenthood is willing to “alter our process . . . to obtain intact fetal cadavers” – in other words, whole babies. And once dissected, the babies can be sold part by part—or as she put it, as a “line-item” charge.

+  +  Profiteering off the bodies of little children

Or, to put it more bluntly, Planned Parenthood profiteers in body parts harvested from preborn children—as the undercover videos reveal.

That’s what this case is all about. It’s why Planned Parenthood is suing Sandra for millions in federal court. And why it has used its unholy alliance with California’s attorney general to engineer state felony charges against Sandra.

If convicted, Sandra could spend more than a decade behind bars. We’ll learn later this month if the criminal case will go to trial.

But right now, we’re fighting in federal court to defeat Planned Parenthood’s revenge suit against Sandra. We have one or two weeks left after which the jury will take the case.

Please pray. We bring our case in defense of Sandra this week. But the judge—who has past ties to Planned Parenthood—has limited our witness list.

+  +  Help Sandra fight Planned Parenthood

And because this is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel history, I’m asking for your kind and generous support now. Since the trial is in San Francisco, we have huge costs for travel, lodging and food. Plus court expenses—transcripts, expert witnesses and more—are soaring.

Planned Parenthood is all-in to defeat and demolish Sandra—to rob her of her First Amendment freedoms and ruin her financially. Your gift now will help us fight back! Please be as generous as you can now!

Thank you for standing with Liberty Counsel as we defend Sandra in the most important pro-life case in America today.

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel