Jury Orders Planned Parenthood to Pay $3 Million

Nov 22, 2019

America's number one abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, brands itself as a health care provider. Its prominent pink slogan is "Care. No Matter What."

But its main business is abortion--which is never health care. And women are at risk, too, as I share below.

Planned Parenthood kills some 330,000 pre-born boys and girls every year. And then it dissects and sells their body parts--as Sandra Merritt's brave undercover journalism revealed.

A better slogan for Planned Parenthood is: "Abortion. No Matter What." And change the pink to blood red.

Thanks to friends like you, Liberty Counsel is fighting on Sandra's behalf in one of the most important pro-life cases in decades. This battle is crucial to the pro-life movement in America--and to Sandra's own future.

A 66-year-old grandmother on Social Security, she faces utter ruin if Planned Parenthood prevails in bankrupting her and putting her behind bars.

That's why I'm asking for your help now to fight this abortion Goliath in court. Your gift will make a real difference in this case--and as we fight battles across America in defense of life, family and freedom!

Planned Parenthood is an infant's worst nightmare--but women need to beware, too. See below. --Mat

You know that preborn babies are at imminent, grave risk behind Planned Parenthood's doors. But so are women. For example . . .

  • Mayra Rodriguez worked 17 years at Planned Parenthood and was a 2016 Employee of the Year, but lost her job after she reported...
    • abnormally high complication rates with one abortionist
    • the falsifying of affidavits
    • failure to report a minor with an adult partner who had an abortion

The former star employee who ran three Planned Parenthood clinics said she came forward to protect women. "I always thought it could have been my daughter, my niece, my friend's daughter, my friend," Rodriguez told a local ABC affiliate. "I'm not going to let it go."

  • Missouri denied Planned Parenthood's application for renewal of a license to commit abortions because of "grave concerns" about patient care at its St. Louis facility. One inspection "turned up complications in four surgical abortions. Two of them left patients still pregnant (requiring another procedure), one resulted in an infection and one ended with the patient being rushed to the hospital, bleeding heavily,” the Kansas City Star reported.
  • A Planned Parenthood patient in Illinois is suing for medical malpractice. After the insertion of an intrauterine contraception device, a procedure staff told her might make her dizzy, she was left unattended and fell off a table, breaking her neck.

+  +  That sure doesn't sound like "Care. No Matter What"

The ugly truth about Planned Parenthood is coming out, thanks to cases like these. And thanks to Sandra Merritt's heroic undercover journalism with her colleague David Daleiden. Together, they exposed how Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts turning human remains into a commodity.

As one Planned Parenthood abortionist put it while discussing with Sandra and David how to price human body parts: "A per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

Another senior Planned Parenthood abortionist haggled with Sandra over the price of human body parts, declaring, "I want a Lamborghini!"

Ghoulish talk like that outraged Americans and sparked criminal referrals. But Planned Parenthood sued for millions and just won a devastating $2.2 million judgment against Sandra and her colleagues.

We're appealing--even as we await word on whether the Planned Parenthood-inspired criminal charges against Sandra will go to trial.

+  +  With your help, we're fighting for life and liberty

This fight is crucial but it's also extraordinarily expensive. And it's not the only vital legal battle we're fighting now, with the help of friends and partners like you.

Because of you, Liberty Counsel is also facing off in court against other radical Goliaths like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Plus, we're challenging LGBT-led efforts to snuff out the First Amendment right of counselors to help teens with unwanted same-sex attractions. That's banned in California, Maryland and New Jersey--and we're in court to get these unconstitutional laws thrown out!

+  +  Your help urgently needed at year's end

But all this is only possible because of friends like you. And right now I’m asking for your help. Our legal war chest is emptying fast after three months of intense litigation on Sandra's behalf.

Will you make a generous gift now to help us battle Planned Parenthood, LGBT activists and others in court? Your gift of any amount now will be a huge help. Please be as generous as you can today!

We're in an intense battle for life and liberty. But with the help and prayers of friends like you, we can prevail!

Thank you so much for standing with Liberty Counsel in defense of life, family and freedom in America today.

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman