Facing Giants

Dec 1, 2019

This year has been among the most challenging in Liberty Counsel’s 30-year history. We’ve been handling a record number of cases critical to liberty, life and family, but none have confronted the absolute evil in our world more than our defense of Sandra Merritt against the attack of the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood. 

You likely know that Sandra is the pro-life hero whose undercover journalism helped expose Planned Parenthood for ripping babies from their mother’s wombs and then gruesomely chopping those infants up for parts sales” while the children’s hearts were still beating.

You read that right. Planned Parenthood was dissecting living human beings, cutting off limbs and removing organs while the baby was fully alive. Sandra Merritt was brave enough to go undercover to expose and document these horrific facts and now Planned Parenthood is suing Sandra for revealing the crimes that would have toppled any other organization on earth.

This case deals with unspeakable evil and has literally ripped the mask off Satan. Yet, if Liberty Counsel wasn’t here to defend Sandra, the undeniable truth of Sandra’s claims would not have been entered into the court record and Planned Parenthood would have continued performing its atrocities in secret. 

God is using our work to expose the evils of Planned Parenthood in unprecedented ways. Your support helps us continue the fight!

Due to the hundreds of millions of dollars Planned Parenthood receives in donations and taxpayer money every year, these evil doers have an almost unlimited war chest from which to fund lawsuits like this revenge case against Sandra.

Planned Parenthood’s tactic is to use the court system as a weapon, racking up legal bills a defendant can never afford. They are effectively sending a chilling message to any other potential truth tellers: “Stay quiet or we will ruin you.”

We will not allow Planned Parenthood to silence the Truth - Click below to defend Sandra.

Liberty Counsel’s vital work is more important than ever as the battle for the soul of America intensifies. Ware committed to defending people like Sandra Merritt who couldn’t afford to defend themselves against the onslaught of anti-Christian attacks.

But, unlike Planned Parenthood, Liberty Counsel does not have radical movie stars, international billionaires or taxpayer dollars funding our work. We move forward through the prayers and donations of good people like you who are not afraid to face the giants along with us. And right now, we very much need YOUR financial help to continue funding this fight.

Defending Sandra Merritt has been one of the most expensive series of legal actions we have ever undertaken. But, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! God can turn adversity into opportunity. This is such a time.

Please stand with us as we face the giants in court.

The facts of this case are gruesome, I know, and difficult to read. But that is exactly Satan’s tactic. Do not be afraid. Do not get discouraged. Do not give up. Do not stop praying. God is in control! This is our time because this is God’s time.

Please stand with us with your prayers and financial support as we work to replenish our depleted litigation fund at the end of a very challenging year. Rise up with us at this crucial time in history. Together, by God’s grace, we can make a difference today that will echo down through future generations!


Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman