Still Making a Bloody Fortune

Jan 12, 2020

Planned Parenthood (PP) just released its latest annual report. The numbers are staggering and prop up PP's well-deserved reputation as America's abortion king. Celebrated by radical activists as a champion of women's rights, the report confirms that Planned Parenthood is the largest serial mass-murderer in American history.

And as whistle-blower Sandra Merritt revealed, the abortion giant has had a thriving side-business in the sale of baby body parts, to boot. Her undercover investigation with colleague David Daleiden shocked Americans and laid a huge black eye on Planned Parenthood.

Which is why the abortion king is doing everything possible to salvage its unjustified "women's health care" reputation—including attempting to crush Sandra in court. But PP's just-released annual report reveals that many of its own donors are getting wise and walking away. See below. –Mat

Planned Parenthood bills itself as a "healthcare" provider for women. Its hard-to-stomach slogan is "Care. No Matter What."

But its latest annual report shows that PP killed a record number 345,672 unborn babies via abortion during its 2018-2019 fiscal year. That’s 13,000 more little preborn boys and girls killed in PP facilities than the previous year. Not much "care" in that deadly statistic.

It also brought in more than $1.6 billion in revenue. I call that making a bloody fortune.

Because Planned Parenthood refused to comply with President Trump's Protect Life Rule and officially withdrew from the Title X Family Planning Program, it was forced to forfeit some $60 million in taxpayer dollars.

But the abortion giant still has a death grip on the American taxpayer's wallet. The annual report reveals the group's total government funding (including federal, state, and local funds) actually increased by $52 million to $616.8 million in 2018-2019.

+ + Thankfully, a huge drop in private donations to PP

Planned Parenthood managed to extract more from taxpayers, but the number of individual donors to the abortion firm dropped sharply. An analysis from Americans United for Life found the number of donors dropped by 400,000—a plummeting decline of nearly 27 percent from the year before.

Maybe more Americans are learning the truth about Planned Parenthood. That's what pro-life hero Sandra Merritt provided when, along with colleague David Daleiden, she exposed the abortion giant's shocking trade in body parts harvested from the babies it kills.

The stunning 2015 videos led to House and Senate investigations, criminal referrals to the U.S. Justice Department and efforts to defund PP in numerous states.

But Planned Parenthood struck back, suing Sandra for millions and conspiring with California's attorney general to bring criminal charges that could send Sandra to prison for years.

+ + The fight to defend Sandra will escalate in days ahead

With your help, Liberty Counsel is defending Sandra against both Planned Parenthood and the state of California. And the fight will intensify in the months ahead.

We're mounting our appeal in the civil case and we're also intensely working to win a dismissal of the remaining criminal charges—all baseless—levied against Sandra by Planned Parenthood's hired gun, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

And the stakes are huge. If the trial judge in the criminal case sides with AG Becerra, Sandra will face another lengthy trial in the months ahead . . . and the very real possibility of years behind bars.

That's why I urgently need your help right now.

We've invested HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in hard costs defending Sandra JUST IN 2019 ALONE! These costs do not include attorney and staff time. This case is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s 30-year history.

And in addition to these twin battles with Planned Parenthood, we have more than a hundred other vital cases on our docket right now!

Can I count on your support?

Will you make your best possible gift to Liberty Counsel as we Planned Parenthood in court and continue to fight for faith and freedom in hundreds of cases and many other legal matters?

Thank you for your faithfulness and God bless you!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel