Evangelical Leaders Unite on Just Assimilation Immigration Policy

May 11, 2010


The crisis the country is witnessing in Arizona over immigration is the result of a failed immigration policy at the federal level. It is the federal government’s failure that has led to the current crisis. The Arizona law is a symptom and a cry for help.

There are many aspects of immigration and no one single solution to the problem. We must return to a rational immigration policy that acknowledges that we are both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. It is our obligation to provide a just solution that is neither amnesty nor mass deportation. A just, rational policy would put otherwise law-abiding undocumented persons on one of three paths: one path leads to pursuing earned legal citizenship or legal residency, one leads to acquiring legal guest-worker status, and one leads back across the border including a swift process for the deportation of undocumented felons.

America is a country of immigrants, a melting pot of individuals from various ethnicities and cultures. It is based on the rich heritage of immigration on which this country was established, and, in accordance with a just immigration policy, this country will continue to thrive. The overwhelming attraction of America is her freedom. We must always stand for the freedom that makes our shores the object of desire for people without hope. America must always stand for liberty. It is the privilege of a freedom-loving people.

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