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Years ago, Mat Staver believed abortion was acceptable…

From the founding of Liberty Counsel in 1989, we have been unshakably dedicated to protecting and defending human life, from the moment of conception until natural death.

Liberty Counsel has filed numerous briefs to protect the unborn and to show the inherent value in human life. The first case Mat Staver argued before the United States Supreme Court in 1994 was in defense of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

Changes start with education, which are then reflected in laws that recognize the value of each person, no matter how small, powerless, poor, or old.

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Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers are not only providing services which save the lives of unborn babies and women, but they are also saving communities millions of dollars each year, according to a recent report. The Charlotte Lozier Institute has released an 80-page report detailing that pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation provided free services last year to two million people and saved communities $161 million. The “A Half Century of Hope, A Legacy of Life and Love“ study was conducted by institute researchers who analyzed the impact of 2,600 of the estimated 2,750 centers in the U.S. in 2017. 

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Reasons Women Get Abortions - Makenna Peters

The truth about abortion is shocking. Since Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey were overturned on June 24, 2022, the fight for unborn children goes to the states. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to be informed about the facts as well as the lies and euphemisms regarding abortion. Originally premiered July 26, 2022.

Created in God's Image - Dr. William Lile

“A patient is a person, no matter how small.” Dr. William Lile is known as “Pro-Life Doc.” He’s board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In 1999, Dr. Lile took over the practice of a physician who had been the largest provider of abortions in the Florida panhandle for decades. Then all abortions and referrals for abortions immediately stopped. On this episode of Liberty Counsel's TV program, Freedom Alive®, Dr. Lile shares the incredible ways he and his team are saving the lives of unborn babies that would otherwise be statistics. Watch more Freedom Alive episodes free online here:

The Roots of the Abortion Movement - Mat Staver

Explore the horrific origins of abortion ideology, and learn what you can do to save unborn lives! - Originally premiered Sep 19, 2021 on GoodLife45 - visit Watch more Freedom Alive episodes free online here:

Liberty Counsel’s Amicus Brief for the Dobbs Case

Liberty Counsel Press Releases:

Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief in Abortion Pill Case

Arizona Supreme Court Asked To Reinstate Abortion Law

Liberty Counsel Files Brief Supporting 159-Year-Old Arizona Abortion Law

FL Supreme Court Asked To Reject Deceptive and Misleading Abortion Amendment

FL Supreme Court Heard Oral Arguments in 15-Week Abortion Ban

SC Supreme Court Reverses Previous Stance and Upholds Pro-Life Law

Florida Continues the Fight for Unborn Life

Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Near-Total Abortion Ban

Abortion’s Devastating Impact on Men

The Dark History Behind the First Birth Control Pill

Oklahoma Near Total Ban on Abortion Upheld

SC Supreme Court Declines To Reverse Its Decision on Pro-Life Law

Indiana Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Pro-Life Law

Fight for Unborn Children Continues in the States

Battle for Unborn Life Continues in Kentucky

Blacks and Hispanics Defend Indiana’s Law That Protects Unborn Life

Blacks and Hispanics Seek To Stop “Race Suicide” in South Carolina

Minority Groups Defend Kentucky Constitution That Protects Life

Black and Hispanic Groups Defend Oklahoma Law To End Racist Abortion Eugenics


Current Situation of Post-Roe States

The Pro-Life Doctor

Reverse Abortion Pill

Comments From Women Who Have Had Abortions

Life Issues Institute - Saving Lives Through Pro-Life Education -


Judge Rejects Attempt To Codify Abortion in Nevada Constitution
Judge Rejects Attempt To Codify Abortion in Nevada Constitution

A Nevada district court judge recently  rejected  a 2024 ballot initiative that sought to enshrine abortion in the state’s constitution by judging the petition as “misleading” and in violation of the “single...

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PP + ACLU Cause TROUBLE For FL Voters...
PP + ACLU Cause TROUBLE For FL Voters...

Throughout this year, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have gathered signatures for a deceptive ballot initiative designed to not only overturn Florida's current ban on abortions after 15 weeks, but also to eliminate ANY governmental oversight of...

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Criminal Charges Against Journalist...
Criminal Charges Against Journalist...

Yesterday, I wrote you regarding how God had already prepared the way for victory in saving CHRISTmas in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – whose city officials, by the way, are now in full retreat after receiving our demand letter.

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Merritt Criminal Hearing To Dismiss Case This Friday
Merritt Criminal Hearing To Dismiss Case This Friday

The motion to dismiss hearing will be held this Friday, November 17, 2023, in Superior Court of San Francisco County, regarding the criminal case of Sandra Merritt brought against her by former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for her...

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Never Again Is Now
Never Again Is Now

In September 2023, the Palestinian Authority (PA) paid out 25 million dollars in “Pay to Slay” terror pensions — lifetime monthly payments to Palestinians who have successfully killed Jews. As of the end of October, those monthly...

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This Is How They Want To Control You, My Dear
This Is How They Want To Control You, My Dear

A Republican member of Congress made some explosive comments about Joe Biden’s forthcoming plans to turn your “money into a tool for coercion and control."

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