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In a time of moral decay, when enemies of freedom wage war against the Judeo-Christian heart of America, now is the time to stand! Join us in advancing life, liberty and family and make your voice heard in the seats of power! Sign our active petitions below, to take a stand today!

$100,000 Challenge Grant
As we respond to the vicious attacks on religious liberty, Liberty Counsel is grateful that the Lord has provided a very timely $100,000 Challenge Grant to help us meet our growing need. This means your tax-deductible gift will be effectively doubled! Please help keep our legal team engaged in crucial cases in defense of liberty, life, faith and the family with a special gift. The fact is, we need your help and America needs patriots like you and me to continue the fight to defend and restore our precious liberties!

Stop the Attack on Religious Liberty
Democrat members of both chambers of Congress have introduced bills that threaten the free exercise of religious and free speech. The Senate's bill, S.788 and House bill, HR 5, both known as the "Equality Act," broadly impose the LGBT agenda and do not exempt churches or religious employers, organizations or colleges. If the badly misnamed Equality Act becomes law, it would elevate LGBT to the same level as race and transform every area of life, including churches, nonprofit organizations, pre-K thru college, online, and much more. Males will be able to demand entry to female private facilities, including overnight bunking and shelters. Religious liberty, speech, privacy, and even woman's rights will be decimated.

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