Defending Human Life

Years ago, Mat Staver believed abortion was acceptable…

From the founding of Liberty Counsel in 1989, we have been unshakably dedicated to protecting and defending human life, from the moment of conception until natural death.

Liberty Counsel has filed numerous briefs to protect the unborn and to show the inherent value in human life. The first case Mat Staver argued before the United States Supreme Court in 1994 was in defense of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

We provide a pro-life website, LifeUnited, a collaboration of 8 single-minded but unique groups united to end abortion in America. With diligent effort and God’s help, we will see an end to abortion on demand in our lifetime.

Change starts with education, which are then reflected in laws that recognize the value of each person, no matter how small, powerless, poor, or old.

Join with us in the epic struggle for the unalienable right to life. 


Florida Media Unleashes Dangerous and Defamatory Article

Gatehouse Media, which owns the Florida-based  News Chief, The Walton Sun  and  The Destin Log , published a defamatory article on Tuesday that includes Liberty Counsel in a list of active “hate groups” in Florida. The...

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Sandra Merritt Seeks Dismissal of Charges

Sandra ‘Susan’ Merritt filed a  Motion to Dismiss  late yesterday asking the San Francisco Superior Court to dismiss the politically-motivated criminal complaints brought against her by the State of California because the...

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Watch Covenant Journey Follow the "Footsteps" of Jesus

As the program  Covenant Journey  is wrapping up its last tour of the year with students in Israel, the television series  Why Israel Matters  is airing an episode called " Footsteps "

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Court Asked to Hear Forced Abortion Speech Case

Today, Liberty Counsel is filing a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of three California faith-based, crisis pregnancy centers that are forced to advertise an offer of “immediate free or low-cost …abortion”...

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Senate Committee Votes to Stop Funding Palestinian Terrorism

Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted today (17-4) to proceed with the Taylor Force Act, which will defund the Palestinian Authority (PA) until they cease and denounce their “Pay to Slay” policy, which rewards terrorists and their...

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Abortionist Scheduled for Criminal Trial in SC

Abortionist James Pendergraft, IV is now scheduled for criminal trial in Spartanburg, SC following his arrest in 2015 during a routine traffic stop. The outcome of the trial by jury will have implications on the future of a chain of four Central...

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