U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon
May 1st - @2PM (Opening Ceremony)
May 5th - @11AM (Closing Ceremony)
The Bible is read through one verse at a time, 24/7

Rooftop National Prayer Service
May 4th - @9AM
Prayers for our Nation

Day-Break Prayer at the U.S. Supreme Court
May 6th - @7AM
Prayers for our national leaders, justices and our country


Annual Prayer Retreat
Aug 1st - 3rd


Arrival of the US Capitol Christmas Tree
Nov 29th - 9AM


The Annual Live Nativity – Washington D.C.
Dec 1st - 11AM
The stirring image of the Holy Family, along with the Wise Men, shepherds, townspeople, angels, and live animals journeying around Capitol Hill – by the Senate office buildings—across from the U.S. Capitol—and in front of the US Supreme Court.

Lighting of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, U.S. Capitol - U.S. Capitol West Lawn
Dec 1st - 5PM
Enjoying the spirit of Christmas... young and old alike.