Ban on Teacher Attending Church Reversed

Jan 25, 2019

Liberty Counsel protected a Midwest teacher’s religious freedom when the principal ordered the teacher not to attend a church event that two students were also attending, even though they all attend the same church. This attempt to ban the teacher from attending a church function that her students were attending violated the First Amendment.

Unfortunately, this was not the first incident. A year ago, this same principal tried to prevent the teacher from leading an after-school, adult-led Bible club which met with parent permission, under the same terms the Scouts meet. After the teacher was prevented from leading the club, a student sought to lead it as a student-led club. Even this was not allowed by the principal, so the teacher contacted Liberty Counsel.

In both instances, the principal violated the First Amendment, and in both instances Liberty Counsel intervened. Last year, Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter and the superintendent responded by reversing the principal. This year, only a phone call was necessary to obtain a prompt reversal of the principal’s orders.

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