Virginia Judge Ignores "We the People" and Overturns Marriage Law

Feb 14, 2014

Late yesterday, another activist judge appointed by President Obama ruled against Virginia’s marriage laws that affirm marriage as the union of one man and one woman, including the Virginia marriage amendment passed by the voters in 2006.

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Judge Allen said the marriage laws perpetuated “prejudice,” “stigma” and “pain.” Incredibly, Judge Allen rejected the only evidence presented in an amicus brief written by professors that marriage between a man and a woman is best for children. Judge Allen stated that the Constitution declares that “all men are created equal,” but that phrase comes from the Declaration of Independence, not the U.S. Constitution!

This decision is outrageous and legally flawed. Judges would be well-served to read the U.S. Constitution and not invent or rewrite it. The Constitution cannot be changed by the stroke of a judge’s pen, nor does it bow to a judge’s personal ideology. The overwhelming majority of Virginia voters who make up ‘we the people’ voted to affirm natural marriage. Same-sex marriage, as a policy matter, sends the message that children do not need moms and dads.

The decision has been stayed pending appeal. On appeal, Liberty Counsel will file an amicus brief.

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