Planned Parenthood’s Alley of Death

May 29, 2019

Liberty Counsel filed its brief in the appeal of the denial of Liberty Counsel’s Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation) motion to dismiss Two Rivers Public Charter School’s lawsuit against pro-life advocate Larry Cirignano for his constitutionally protected speech against a Planned Parenthood facility located between the school’s elementary and middle school buildings. 

Cirignano, represented by Liberty Counsel, has peacefully protested the existence of the abortion facility since its construction began in 2015. The Planned Parenthood building shares an alley with and is located between the two buildings of the Two Rivers Public Charter School. 

The charter school sued Cirigano and other pro-life advocates for being on the public sidewalk shared by the school and Planned Parenthood, claiming the presentation of the truth about Planned Parenthood and informing the public about the school children’s exposure to this abortion facility caused “emotional distress” and were a “nuisance” to the school. Cirigano, however, has only stood on the sidewalk peacefully holding a sign, and has never trespassed on school property or otherwise broken any laws.

“It is shocking that a school entrusted with the care of young children would welcome and fight for a Planned Parenthood facility to be located between its elementary and middle school,” said Mat Staver.

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