Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds ObamaCare in Split Decision

Jun 29, 2011

Today the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 in favor of the federal government in the case of Thomas More Law Center v. Obama, challenging the national authority of the government to mandate the purchase of healthcare insurance. The case drew a dissenting opinion that attacked the far-reaching dangers this law could impose on the American people.

The decision drew three separate opinions. Judge Martin upheld the law under the Commerce Clause. Judge Sutton appeared more troubled by the law but, nevertheless, wrote a separate opinion upholding ObamaCare on the basis that the case was a facial challenge and not "as applied." Under a facial challenge, the law has to be unconstitutional in every conceivable application. He found the law could be upheld, for example, in a state like Massachusetts, where people are mandated under state law to purchase health insurance. Judge Graham dissented and wrote that the mandate exceeded Congressional authority under the Commerce Clause. All the judges acknowledged that the mandate was novel, without any prior historical precedent.

Today’s ruling is not the final word on ObamaCare. Our case in Liberty University v. Geithner and others will soon be decided. Everyone agrees the final round will be fought at the United States Supreme Court. We are confident that ObamaCare will eventually be struck down. Congress clearly exceeded its authority when it sought to force every American into the health insurance market by forcing them to buy insurance from a private party.

Read our News Release for more details.

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