Fairfax County Implements Harmful Curriculum

Jun 29, 2018

The Fairfax County School Board voted 10-1 this week for children to be taught, without parents’ permission, that that their biological sex is meaningless and that they can transition to a different sex than the one “assigned” to them at birth.

The school board will now implement the Family Life Education Program (FLE) to become the most radical sex-ed curriculum in the country, despite a record-breaking number of objections from parents. According to a tally sheet published two days before the vote, the school board received 1,300 comments with 83 percent opposing the removal of “biological sex” to be replaced with “sex assigned at birth.”

The board also voted to instruct every high school student, without their parents’ permission, about the daily homosexual sex pill PrEP, recommended for the “very high risk” behavior of condom-less sex with multiple partners of unknown HIV status. PrEP has a 10 percent failure rate for preventing HIV infection and even AIDs Health organizations warn against it. 

The FLE curriculum will also include teaching and promoting the harmful practice of anal sex, discouraging abstinence by falsely claiming it is not 100 percent effective, encouraging sex before marriage and promoting permissibility, and loosening the dress code standards for students to avoid “slut shaming.”  Some of the content will be moved out of the FLE curriculum and into a general health curriculum called “Emotional and Social Health,” making those lessons mandatory with no opt-out, regardless of parents’ wishes.

This school board also voted 10-1 in 2015 to become the only school system in Virginia to unlawfully add “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” to its policy and student handbook despite an overwhelming majority of citizens in attendance expressing opposition. Virginia follows the “Dillon Rule,” which requires local nondiscrimination laws to not be more stringent than the state law. State law does not include “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression.”

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