Army Personnel Object to “Transgender Training”

Jun 30, 2017

Liberty Counsel has issued a letter to Fort Benning Army Base commanding officers requesting them to comply with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction which provides Army personnel religious accommodation and exemption from so-called “transgender” directives which violate their sincerely held religious beliefs and conscience.

The letter states that RFRA and DOD Instruction requires the Army to provide religious accommodation and exemption from compliance with “transgender directives” which violate rights of conscience or religious beliefs, when such exemption has no effect on the accomplishment of the Army’s actual mission.

Liberty Counsel was contacted by Army personnel and civilian employees within the Fort Benning, Georgia chain-of-command who seek religious accommodation exemptions from the mandate of the DOD “Directive-type Memorandum” 16-005, known as “Military Service of Transgender Service members,” requiring that personnel complete “transgender training” and “guidance.”

The “transgender training” requires personnel to accept false statements about the nature of sex, gender, biology and morality. This directive includes requiring officers to approve medically-unnecessary surgeries and harmful, unproven hormone replacement, all at taxpayer expense; addressing gender-confused officers and soldiers “identifying” as the opposite sex by false gender pronouns and false gender titles; and requiring female soldiers (and vice versa) to sleep, shower and perform private bodily functions in the presence of the opposite biological sex. Female soldiers supervising drug testing would also be required to observe the male genitals (and vice versa) of “transgender” males who claim to be “female,” because of the male’s false “gender marker,” and personnel would have to comply with fictions like “pregnant male soldiers.”

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