Paul Singer Behind “Enemies” List Propaganda

Jul 12, 2016

Washington, DC – In another example of shoddy journalism, Washington Post Editorial Board member Jonathan Capehart published an article purporting to show a vast interconnecting network he refers to as “enemies of equality.” Capehart’s entire article is based upon a chart created by Freedom For All Americans. Liberty Counsel made several attempts to have Capehart retract this incorrect chart, to which he never responded.

Among those listed include Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, Rich DeVoss (co-founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic), James Dobson, Hobby Lobby, and more. “The chart is false. It purports to show an interconnecting network where there is none,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The chart alleges that Liberty Counsel receives funds from ADF and then represents Kim Davis. While we represent Kim Davis, Liberty Counsel is not connected to ADF and receives no funds from ADF. The chart then makes false allegations about Liberty Counsel and the other groups,” said Staver.

Billionaire New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer is behind the false propaganda. He and Tim Gill, the founder of Quark, are leading financial supporters of same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda. Singer is also behind the American Unity PAC, which works to elect pro-LGBT advocates to public office. Singer financed the litigation against California Prop 8 and is responsible for New York Republican legislators changing their votes to support same-sex marriage.

Since the 2015 Supreme Court opinion on marriage, Singer has turned his efforts to advancing LGBT rights on the Republican Platform and in all 50 states.

Singer is working hard to influence young leaders. He launched LGBT University and is working to reach young Republican leaders. Even though Freedom For All Americans includes Hobby Lobby in its list of “enemies of equality,” Singer has entered into funding partnership with the Museum of the Bible (MOTB), which is funded by Hobby Lobby. Singer and MOTB are joint partners in “Passages Israel” that began this year taking Christian college students to Israel. Passages Israel patterned itself after Covenant Journey, which was launched by Liberty Counsel in 2014. Covenant Journey takes Christian college students who have leadership potential to Israel to strengthen their Christian faith and equip them with knowledge about Israel.

“Paul Singer offered to provide millions of dollars to Covenant Journey, but he also wanted control of the board and the content of the program. I rejected Singer’s offer and refused to take a penny from him,” said Staver, who is also the Founder and President of Covenant Journey.

Singer then entered into a partnership with MOTB. In an obvious effort to reach Jewish philanthropists to gain access and favor for the museum, Cary Summers, president of MOTB, entered into a partnership with Singer to create a copycat program to Covenant Journey. “I advised Cary Summers not to do this. He decided to play with fire anyway,” said Staver.

“Singer wants to advance the LGBT agenda and to capture the youth for his army of activists. What Singer funds, he controls. He does not just give money and walk away. Singer uses his funds to accomplish his goal, and one of his goals is clearly to raise up a new generation of LGBT advocates to change the future of America. On the one hand, Singer can list Hobby Lobby as an ‘enemy’ while at the same time entering into a partnership with the same family in order to reach Christian leaders with his propaganda. I would never entrust young Christian leaders to Paul Singer’s agenda. If there is any conspiracy or strange bedfellows, the Washington Post would better spend their time looking into the web that Paul Singer has woven,” said Staver.

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