How Safe is Your Church from Religious Persecution?

Jul 25, 2014


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Dear Pastors and Citizens of the Church,

Are you concerned with the government overreach into your religious liberties? Are you feeling the pressure of a culture in decline? Is your congregation active in the fight? Join 17 states and prominent Christian pastors and ministry leaders nationwide who are active in Salt and Light.

Our approach for training in Biblical Citizenship is through the acronym PETER: (P-Pray, E-Educate, T-Take Action, E-Elections, R-Restoration).  We present a practical solution that motivates Christians to get educated, get activated, and get going!

We are offering a “Jump-Start, One-Day Training.” This training is open for pastors, appointed leaders, and citizens with a passion for the restoration of America.


Provide an entry point for churches to engage their congregations in Biblical citizenship through prayer, biblical worldview education, and taking action.


Provide a complete turn-key ministry with cutting-edge training, education, and ongoing support!

Unburden the pastor and appointed leaders from having to reinvent the wheel.

This is an exciting ministry providing a practical action plan for the protection of our religious liberties and the restoration of America.  Let's build public servants who would, in essence, become missionaries to the long-neglected mission field of our own government. We can reclaim and preserve, as salt does, our Christian values and heritage for the next generation!

PLACE: Online Web Interactive Conference

TIME: Thursday, August, 7, at 1pm-6pm PST, 4pm-9pm EST

ENROLL: Call 888 725-8654 or visit