More Fake News from Right Wing Watch

Sep 1, 2017

ORLANDO, FL – Right Wing Watch (RWW) is a known purveyor of fake news which intentionally lies about the people it covers and has a clear agenda to denigrate and dehumanize its subjects. RWW has people listening to every Christian radio broadcast and then prints statements out of context using outrageous titles for its articles that are not true. RWW creates these false article titles so that they can be tweeted and re-tweeted. The article title becomes the news even when the body of the article does not support the false title. Even worse, unethical writers (not worthy of being called “journalists”) repeat the false stories never once checking with the original source. Right Wing Watch recently published an article disconnecting the title from the body of the article that was republished by Huffington Post, Towleroad and The Advocate. The title stated Mat Staver (they can never use that name without adding a negative modifier) allegedly said that “Anti-gay groups being treated like Jews in Nazi Germany.” But Staver never made such a statement during a recent radio interview.

In the radio interview, Staver talked about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) publishing a false and defamatory “hate group” label against groups with which the SPLC disagrees on the matter of marriage. He called on the SPLC to stop and called on everyone to step back, take a deep breath, and have civil dialogue. Staver went on to say there are instances throughout history where people have dehumanized other humans, and noted that the Nazis began with prohibiting Jews from public and private employment and forced them to wear a Star of David or display it on their ID and passports. Staver never compared pro-family groups (what RWW calls “anti-gay") with the Jews in Nazi Germany. There is no comparison to what the Jews experienced under Nazism. Nor did Staver say, as RWW alleges, that removal of Confederate monuments was part of a larger civil war on our values. This is nonsense.
RWW is a project of People for the American Way, founded and chaired by Norman Lear. Foul-mouthed Alec Baldwin serves on the board. He is infamously remembered for his demeaning and insulting rant against his daughter. This was just one of his many hateful rants. RWW apparently has no problem with him serving on the board.
 “Right Wing Watch fits the dictionary definition of ‘fake news,’” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Nothing about it is true or honorable. The mission of Right Wing Watch is to publish lies and denigrate people. If you want to know the level of nasty propaganda peddled by this group, listen to board member Alec Baldwin. That will tell you everything you need to know. This is not journalism. This is fake news. Any respectable news outlet reports the truth instead of creating scandals like tabloids,” said Staver.

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