Liberty Counsel Defends National Motto, "In God We Trust"

Sep 8, 2014

Liberty Counsel offered to defend the Allegheny County Council after it received a threatening email from the Freedom From Religion Foundation ("FFRF") opposing a proposed display of the National Motto “In God we trust” in the County Council meeting room in Pennsylvania. 

The  FFRF is in the business of harassing schools, county commissioners, and any official who will listen to their claims that public expressions of faith are unconstitutional, including the National Motto.

The FFRF and its supporters are free to express their antipathy against our national history and the numerous expressions of our country’s faith in God, but they are not free to suppress the constitutional will of the majority.

Please continue to pray for Liberty Counsel as we defend religious liberty, and pray for the Allegheny County Council and its vote on this issue.

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