Pastors Under Fire

Sep 16, 2020

Mat Staver and Tom Newman co-hosted a special TBN broadcast, “Pastors Under Fire.” They are joined by pastors across the nation, including those represented by Liberty Counsel, to discuss the government overreach and persecution they have faced.

Guests include pastors Rob McCoy, Che’ Ahn, Rodney Howard-Browne, Ken Graves, Cristian Ionescu, and Sean Feucht.

“Liberty is not man's idea. It's God's. Where the spirit of the Lord is there's liberty. Our church has gone from 400 to over 2500 in a month. And the people darkening the doors of our church are not typical churchgoers. They're skaters and surfers who've lost their beaches and their skateparks have been filled with sand and their streams of liberty have dried up so they've gone upstream and they've come to the Source, Jesus Christ." - Pastor Rob McCoy, Godspeak Calvary Chapel

“Historically, we've been essential for 2,000 years. Where would nations be without the church, without God's Word, and of course, the gospel of Jesus Christ?” - Pastor Che' Ahn, Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry

“The WHO does not dictate what we do. The Word of God dictates what we do.” - Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, The River at Tampa Bay Church

“Government has actually ordered our people to become poorer. And the result of that has multiplied every social problem that we are normally in the business of dealing with. Suicide rate has already more than doubled. The number of deaths from drug overdose has far exceeded those deaths attributed to COVID.” – Pastor Ken Graves, Calvary Chapel of Bangor

“Because they couldn't attack us on our constitutional right to worship and gather based on the First Amendment, they tried to take away our parking lot and they harassed the neighborhood. They threatened summary abatement.”- Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church

“The Lord calls us to come together and worship. He calls us to come together and pray. And regardless of what legislation comes down, we have a calling as believers to fear the Lord more than we fear men."- Sean Feucht, Hold the Line

Watch the broadcast here!

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