ObamaCare Already Hurting Businesses and Infringing on Liberty

Oct 8, 2010

Obama exempts United Federation of Teachers Union


President Obama’s administration has temporarily exempted the United Federation of Teachers, a key political backer of President Obama from certain provisions of the healthcare law. In all, 29 firms received a temporary exemption, including McDonald’s and Jack in the Box. These temporary exemptions relieve these firms from new healthcare standards that are being imposed on countless other companies around the nation. The fact that these waivers needed to be issued in the first place is an admission by the federal government that the healthcare legislation from Congress and the President has a negative effect on businesses in this country. Liberty Counsel represents Liberty University and several individuals in a lawsuit challenging the law that was filed on the same day that the law was signed by President Obama. A hearing on the case is set for October 22 before federal district Judge Norman Moon in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Read our News Release for more details.

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