Pray and Vote

Nov 1, 2018

Liberty Counsel launched the “Give Us One Day” prayer campaign, urging people to pray for America and the upcoming midterm election on Tuesday, November 6. In addition to prayer, we urge people to vote.

This Sunday, November 4, Liberty Counsel will host a national livestream of “The Event” at 6 p.m.ET/3 p.m. PT where millions of people are gathering to pray, to vote and to stand for the sake of America! It will be broadcast from the new auditorium on the campus of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park. Participants from across America can watch the event live at Liberty Counsel’s website,

Liberty Counsel is also providing Silence Is NOT an Option DVDs and booklet to pastors and church leaders who are encouraged to speak up regarding biblical and moral issues relevant to this upcoming election, including educating their members about the positions of candidates. Compiled through decades of experience regarding churches and nonprofit organizations, these resources encourage pastors and church leaders to speak up on important biblical and moral issues. Liberty Counsel’s “Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches“ is also an excellent resource.

A national voter guide is available here.

“We have the privilege and duty to vote,’ said Mat Staver. “Voting is appointing an agent to act on your behalf. We must therefore vote consistent with biblical and moral values.”

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