Investiture Ceremony for Kavanaugh

Nov 8, 2018

Today, in a private investiture ceremony in the Supreme Court, the other justices welcomed their newest member, Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, to the bench. The investiture proceedings were private to the public and included President Trump and the first lady.

Traditionally since 1975, once the official rites are completed in the Supreme Court’s chambers, the new justice is escorted by the chief justice down the Court’s 44 marble steps. This tradition provides photo opportunities for the media and the public since the event is closed to cameras. However, due to security concerns, Justice Kavanaugh did not walk down the steps of the High Court. 

                        Photo Source: SCOTUS Blog

Justice Kavanaugh was escorted by the clerk of the Court to the well of the Courtroom, where he sat in the same chair used by Chief Justice John Marshall during the early 19th century. The chair has been used for the investiture of every member of the Court since Lewis F. Powell, Jr., took his judicial oath in 1972. The Court’s marshal announced the president and first lady who were escorted to their seats next to retired Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. The marshal rapped the gavel and introduced Chief Justice John Roberts and associate justices with the Court’s traditional “cry.” The members of the Court took their places on the bench and Justice Kavanaugh’s commission was read. Justice Kavanaugh was escorted to the center of the High Court’s bench and Chief Justice Roberts administered the judicial oath to him.

Kavanaugh, who was confirmed in October by a vote of 50-48, has been cleared of all sexual assault allegations  and there is “no evidence” according to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s 414-page report.

Located directly across the street from the Supreme Court in the Ministry Center, Liberty Counsel staff were able to watch the president’s motorcade as it entered the Court. In prominent view facing the Court, Liberty Counsel staff hung a 32-foot banner that says, “We always pray for our President.”

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