Check the Naughty and Nice List Before You Shop

Nov 22, 2017

Before you do your Christmas shopping, Liberty Counsel provides the Naughty and Nice List, which catalogs which stores are censoring Christmas and which are publicly celebrating it.

Liberty Counsel’s Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign educates, and if necessary litigates, to make sure that Christmas and Christian themes are not censored. Liberty Counsel pledges to be a “Friend” to those celebrating Christmas and a “Foe” to those who try to censor it.

You can download or print the entire list here. Liberty Counsel encourages you to incorporate the information on this list into your Christmas shopping plans.

For the last 14 years, Liberty Counsel has been tracking retailers and how they are increasingly acknowledging Christmas again. Years ago, Walmart had banned its employees from even responding with the phrase “Merry Christmas.” But after Walmart heard from its customers, it moved to the “Nice List,” completely embracing the Christmas season. Fortunately, many other companies have followed suit.

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