Abortion is Not Healthcare

Dec 7, 2009


The Senate resumed debate on healthcare this morning. The debate is expected to continue through the rest of the week. The 2,074-page Senate bill funds abortions, mandates coverage even for those who do not want it, imposes new taxes, and establishes a government-directed system that will bankrupt the country and kill the sputtering economy.

Without an explicit exclusion for abortion, the proposed Senate healthcare bill will fund abortion. The majority of Americans do not support abortion on demand and do not want to fund the destruction of innocent human life.

It is a moral imperative to protect human life. As a society treats the most vulnerable among us in the womb, it will similarly treat the aged and the ill.

Rather than disregard life and restrict our freedom with bureaucracy and endless paperwork, good government policy should explore creative solutions. The solutions are as many as we dare to dream, but federal funding of abortion, combined with government control and bureaucracy, is not the answer. Any healthcare proposal that destroys our freedom and does not protect human life from conception to natural death is unacceptable.

You can find your Senators' contact information at www.senate.gov.

Evidence of the lack of respect for life in our government is mounting. Last week the Obama administration gave approval for federally-funded scientists to perform experiments on human embryos "left over" from infertility treatments. Pray that more Americans wake up and get involved so that our great nation will once again respect life.

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