Advancing Freedom and Restoring the Foundations

Dec 18, 2009

Throughout this year, we have won numerous victories, established strategic foundations to further advance life, liberty and family, and forged new alliances to restore the values on which America was founded.

The victories this year are too numerous to list, but here are a few highlights from our full-color 2009 Year-End Report (which you can receive free by calling 1-800-671-1776.)

Liberty Counsel is a frugal, yet effective ministry. We resolve approximately ninety-five percent of our cases without going to court. Of the five percent that end up in court, we win about 92 percent!

In addition to numerous cases and legal situations we have successfully handled this year, we have empowered Americans with information on the healthcare debate, federal agency nominations and other important topics.

In 2009 we completed more than 850 media interviews and program appearances on most of the Nation's leading radio, television, print and Internet media outlets.

Through our citizen activism outreach, we sent nearly 20 million email messages to keep our members and friends informed on high priority issues. In early 2010 we will be announcing some exciting new tools for online organization and activism that each of you will be able to freely use. Keep watching these Liberty Alerts for details!

The next generation also needs to know how to engage the culture in a positive way. We have conducted training programs for high school and college students to be future political and judicial leaders. Through the Liberty Center for Law & Policy in Washington, DC, we create opportunities for students to work with state and national leaders in all three branches of government.

Join us in grateful reflection on the victories of 2009 as we prepare for the opportunities of 2010. Please take an even stronger stand with us in the upcoming New Year.

We can win when we show up to fight. The only reason we are not able to confront every threat is the limitation of our resources. But with your support, we can show up, and we can win.

December is a critical time of the year for the mission of Liberty Counsel. This month will largely determine how much we can accomplish in the upcoming year. We ask that you prayerfully consider joining with other friends of Liberty Counsel by giving your best possible year-end gift.

Even if you have given before, there is still time to give a final tax-deductible gift for this year. Here is how you can help:

*Make a secure online credit card donation on our website by midnight December 31 in your time zone;

*Send a check postmarked by December 31 to Liberty Counsel, PO Box 540774, Orlando, FL 32854;

*Call in your credit card donation to 1-800-671-1776, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time today or any weekday before December 31.

*Again this year, if you are age 70-1/2 or older, you and your spouse can each make a tax-free, charitable distribution of up to $100,000 from your IRA. Check with your IRA custodian for details and forms;

*Donate a vehicle (car, truck, RV or boat) by calling 1-877-CHARITY ( and designate Liberty Counsel to receive the sale proceeds;

*Make a gift of stock and deduct the fair market value. Call 800-671-1776 and we will assist you;

*Order books and other resources from Liberty Counsel's secure online store; and

*If you use online bill payment services with your bank, you can give regular gifts by adding Liberty Counsel to your recurring bill payments.

For more information about Liberty Counsel, go to Liberty Counsel is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible gift.

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