Teacher "Comes Out" to Elementary Children

Jun 7, 2019

A teacher just "came out" to students at his elementary school in Madison, Wisconsin. In his video the teacher tells grade schoolers he is now neither male nor female but "transgender" and/or "non-binary."

He urges students to call him "Mix."

And how did parents find out about this? From their children—after the fact. Not from school administrators who supported this teacher in assaulting the innocence of young students.

Liberty Counsel sent a records request to the school district to begin uncovering this teacher's inappropriate classroom activism. But you can make your voice heard, too!

Join me by sending a pre-written fax to pressure the school board to get involved and discipline the teacher and the administration. Learn more about this teacher's shocking behavior below —Mat.

Without notifying parents, school administrators in Madison, Wisconsin, allowed a male science teacher to show his personal "transgender coming out" video to every class of K-5th grade children at Allis Elementary School.

In his nearly 8-minute video, teacher Mark Vincent Busenbark dresses as a woman and states that people who respectfully disagree with him on the issue of "transgenderism" are motivated by "fear" and "hate."

Busenbark, an authority figure, reads a book to the children entitled, They Call Me Mix, which includes this statement:

"'BOY or GIRL?' Are you a boy or a girl? How can you be both? Some days I am both. Some days I am neither. Most days I am everything in between."

One illustration from the book shows a child sticking her tongue out at an adult who is giving her a dress to wear.

+  +  Call me "Mix"

At the video's conclusion, Busenbark "requests" students to call him by a woman's name, inappropriate plural pronouns, and the invented title of "Mix." He states,

"And now, let me introduce myself, anew...I am going to take my wife, Stella Steel's last name, and I am going to use, not mister, not miss, but 'mix.' So you can call me, 'Mix Steel.'...And for my pronouns, you can call me 'they,' 'them,' and 'their.'"

Busenbark is effectively asking young children to endorse his sexual confusion (at best) or his sexual fetish (at worst). And, again, without parent's knowledge or permission.

And Busenbark's manipulation has already had an effect. One teacher emailed him that a kindergartner said, "I feel the same way at times" as "Mx. Steel."

Another teacher said that, as a result of the video, other children "just accepted" a girl's claim that "she is a boy now."

This is outrageous! Busenbark has no legal authority to force students to call him "Mix," nor to manipulate them with the idea that they must obey him or be seen as "disrespectful" or "hateful" or "not loving."

+  +  Tell School Board to step in!

Liberty Counsel is seeking answers from the Madison Metropolitan School District. Our four-page records request calls on the district to reveal the full extent of this teacher's inappropriate activism in the classroom.

We're involved and don't want parents to fight this battle alone. I hope that you will get involved too. Make your voice heard with a pre-written fax to the Madison Metropolitan School District's Board of Education. Just click the button below.

This is not the first time kindergarteners have been indoctrinated by their teachers. Last year, a California teacher read a pro-transgender book before revealing a classmate dressing as a different gender. Other children came home crying, shaking and scared that they would wake up one day a different gender.

But parents' complaints within the community were not enough to change this school. When the controversy died down, this teacher was awarded Teacher of the Year!

That's why I am urging you to join me and speak out now. Help us hold accountable teachers who disregard reality. Send a fax now.

The administration and the teacher must be held accountable. You can make that happen by sending a fax to the Madison School Board.

If you are able, please give above and beyond the faxing amount to help us fight this and other battles on behalf of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the family.

Thank you for standing with us!


Mat Staver

P.S. Help defend young children whose innocence is under assault. Send a fax today. If you can, your additional contribution of 25, 50, or 100 dollars, will help Liberty Counsel defend freedom in America's courts and protect children from the aggressive LGBT agenda!

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