Trump: "It never ends." Here's why...

Jun 27, 2019

With just four days to go, I am asking for your help to raise the 20,000 dollars above our monthly budget we need by June 30. Take advantage of the $100,000 Challenge Grant to see your gift effectively doubled. And see below to learn why you and I must take a stand now! –Mat.

Here we go again...

House Democrats are desperate for dirt on Donald Trump. And now they've persuaded special counsel Robert Mueller to testify.

Mueller's report—an exhaustive 448-page tome—issued a clear finding of NO COLLUSION. And Attorney General William Barr concluded there was no obstruction of justice.

But instead of accepting the finding of "case closed," Democrats have DOUBLED DOWN in their assault on President Trump and their calls for his impeachment.

That's why they’re hauling Mueller in to testify before the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees in mid-July.

"It never ends," President Donald Trump told Fox Business News yesterday. "We had no obstruction, we had no collusion."

That's true, but to these radical subversives, facts don't matter. Truth doesn't matter.

All that matters is perpetual attacks on anyone who stands for life, liberty, faith and family.

+ + Sandra Merritt, under assault...

Our client, pro-life hero Sandra Merritt, knows this from painful, first-hand experience. Like countless investigative journalists before her, Sandra conducted undercover surveillance.

Her subject was Planned Parenthood and she helped expose their despicable practice of trafficking in human baby body parts. What Planned Parenthood was caught doing on video by Sandra ranks among the most barbaric acts in human history.

Yet Planned Parenthood made Sandra out to be the villain by launching a massive multimillion-dollar lawsuit against her. Then they called on their bought-and-paid-for friends in the California Attorney General’s office to launch a politically motivated criminal lawsuit against her that could put her behind bars for years.

The only way to counter these attacks is to pray hard and push back even harder—because our life and liberty depend on it.

That's precisely where we are as we arrive at the halfway point of 2019 on June 30, which also marks the close of the Fiscal Year for Liberty Counsel.

+ + A special challenge...

As we face opponents of life and liberty who are clearly "doubling down" against us, I am so grateful that the Lord has provided a way for Liberty Counsel and our team to double our own commitment and impact.

Some dear friends of this ministry, understanding the importance of these times, have extended to us a $100,000 Challenge Grant for our online supporters to help us respond to these escalating attacks.

Right now, Liberty Counsel is entering one of the most critical seasons of litigation in our history. And because of that, we need to raise 20,000 dollars from our online friends above our monthly budget by the end of June.

We're making progress—and I am deeply grateful to all who've helped—but we're behind where we need to be with just four days to go.

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We need an influx of 20,000 dollars above our June budget from our online supporters to replenish our litigation war chest for the key battles underway this summer.

  • Tuesday, Liberty Counsel was in Indiana to take important deposition testimony. We’re defending two Indiana counties against an ACLU lawsuit seeking to censor Nativity scenes.
  • We will argue soon at a federal Court of Appeals to overturn an abortion buffer zone law in Harrisburg, PA, that unconstitutionally protects a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.
  • Liberty Counsel is now at the Court of Appeals for our client in Washington, DC, where a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic opened in between an elementary and a middle school.
  • We are fighting two aggressive lawsuits from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that target both Liberty Counsel and me, personally. The goal of these lawsuits is nothing less than to destroy this ministry.
  • And our defense of Sandra Merritt is intensifying. Key hearings in both the civil and criminal cases will take place in July and September. And full trials could soon follow.

And we have many other cases in our extraordinarily full docket, as well.

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Thank you for standing with us!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

P.S. The enemies of faith and freedom are doubling down in their attacks. The $100,000 Challenge Grant gives you the opportunity to DOUBLE your impact at a very critical time for our nation and for Liberty Counsel. Please make your gift today!