"Devastating Blow" to Planned Parenthood

Jul 18, 2019

Thank you for your prayers yesterday as Liberty Counsel went head-to-head against Planned Parenthood (PP) in federal court. Because we await the judge's decision on our motion urging him to dismiss the case, I'm reserving comment at this point. But let me simply say this: It appears that some of Planned Parenthood's claims will be dismissed . . . but some will go to trial — which is scheduled to start on September 30.

That's why I ask for your ongoing prayers — and support!

Meanwhile, PP is facing growing turmoil. First, it took a "devastating blow" Monday. And Tuesday it fired its president. Learn more below and stand with Liberty Counsel as we fight the nation's leading abortion giant in court in defense of pro-life hero Sandra Merritt! —Mat.

Planned Parenthood is facing turmoil. First, it took a $60 million hit, thanks to a Trump administration rule that went into effect Monday. The historic Health and Human Services "Protect Life" policy bans abortion referrals at taxpayer funded health clinics.

Planned Parenthood is suing to stop this federal regulation, but the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 7-4 in late June to lift injunctions on its enforcement while litigation proceeds. And this Monday, the Trump administration began enforcing its Protect Life rule.

This means babies' lives will be saved! It also means the nation's biggest abortion firm, Planned Parenthood, can no longer take federal Title X tax dollars intended for health care while also referring women for abortion.

Planned Parenthood called that a "devastating blow to the 4 million patients who obtain birth control, cancer screenings, and other essential care through Title X.”

In fact, the $60 million that the abortion provider is expected to lose will be redirected to women's health facilities that don't commit or refer for abortions.

Women won't lose out--abortion giant Planned Parenthood will.

Forced to choose between health care and abortion, Planned Parenthood chose abortion — its self-described "core mission."

+  +  PP fires its president after just 8 months

And more turmoil hit Planned Parenthood two days ago when America's largest abortion mill fired its president after only eight months on the job.

Dr. Leana Wen, who became president of Planned Parenthood in November 2018, said she was “leaving because the new board chairs and I have philosophical differences over the direction and future of Planned Parenthood."

Planned Parenthood's new priority, Wen revealed, is to "double down on abortion rights advocacy."

That's why the abortion giant is pressing so hard to bankrupt and imprison Sandra Merritt. And why I’m asking for your generous support now to help us defend Sandra against a double-barreled legal assault. Not only is PP suing her for $16 million, but the California Attorney General, a PP supporter, is prosecuting her on 15 criminal felony counts.

The reason for all this, of course, is that Sandra’s courageous undercover journalism exposed how PP traffics in the body parts of pre-born children. And how it does so with utter nonchalance.

Over lunch — as I've mentioned before — a Planned Parenthood senior director of medical services told Sandra and her colleague, David Daleiden, how she manipulates abortion procedures to procure human organs suitable for "research."

"You're just kind of cognizant of where you put your graspers, you try to intentionally go above and below the thorax . . . I'm gonna basically crush below, I'm gonna crush above, and I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact," the abortionist says in one undercover video.

+  +  Utterly evil

This is what Planned Parenthood does to innocent and helpless human beings. And it's utterly evil.

But it's not Planned Parenthood that's on trial. It's Sandra Merritt, the courageous undercover journalist who brought this to light.

Sandra is literally fighting for her life against outrageous charges. She not only faces a $16 million Planned Parenthood lawsuit, but the state of California is prosecuting her on 15 felony indictments for exposing Planned Parenthood. If convicted, Sandra will face a crushing fine and years in prison.

And right now, she needs to know you're standing with her.

Please hold her up in prayer — and our legal team as well. And please make your most generous possible gift right now. Take advantage of the $100,000 Liberty Challenge for on-line supporters to make your gift effectively double in its impact now.

Thank you for your prayers and your generous support at this crucial time!

With thanks,

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Please let me hear from you right away. Liberty Counsel is facing off against a ruthless $1.7 billion corporate giant and the nearly unlimited resources of the state of California. Your gift now will make a huge difference. Thank you!